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Prof. Dr. Christian Engwer Prof. Dr. Manuel Friedrich Prof. Dr. Arnulf Jentzen Prof. Dr. Mario Ohlberger Prof. Dr. André Schlichting
Prof. Dr. Christian Seis Prof. Dr. Angela Stevens Prof. Dr. Benedikt Wirth Dr. Frank Wübbeling Prof. Dr. Caterina Zeppieri
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24.04.2024Dr. Nicola Vassena IZBI Universität Leipzig TBA
10.07.2024Patrick Henning University of Bochum tba

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Datum     Sprecher EinrichtungTitel
06.12.2023Martin Gander University of Geneva Schwarz in Time and ParaOpt: two time parallel methods for optimal control and PDE constraint optimization
11.10.2023Martin Gander Université de Genève Introduction to Time Parallel Time Integration
27.06.2023Prof. Dr. Arnd Scheel University of Minnesota Self-organized sacrifice: the death of vegetation patches during dry spells
07.06.2023Wilhelm Killing Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Björn Bringmann Princeton Probabilistic aspects of scalar and geometric wave equations
24.05.2023Andrea Petrocchi University of Konstanz Trust-Region RB Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization and Optimal Input Design
01.02.2023Silke Glas University of Twente Symplectic Model Reduction for Hamiltonian Systems
07.12.2022Dr. Sebastian Hensel Universität Bonn Weak solution theories in interface evolution based on a sharp energy dissipation principle
23.11.2022Dr. Ruojun Huang Universität Münster Coagulation under environmental noise, and its consequence
16.11.2022Prof. Dr. Hendrik Weber Universität Münster New results on the Euclidean \phi^4 theory
09.11.2022Prof. Dr. Marlies Pirner Universität Münster Kinetic models for gas mixtures: Concistency, well-posedness and large-time behavior
06.07.2022Georg Heinze TU Chemnitz Nonlocal Cross-Interaction Systems on Graphs: Nonquadratic Finslerian Structure and Nonlinear Mobilities
29.06.2022Kathrin Smetana Stevens Institute of Technology Randomized Multiscale Methods for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations
15.06.2022Beomjun Choi Pohang University, Korea Liouville theorem for surfaces translating by sub-affine-critical powers of Gauss curvature
01.06.2022Dr. Siyu Liang Universität Bielefeld Stochastic Hypodissipative Hydrodynamic Equations: Well-posedness, Stationary Solutions and Ergodicity
01.06.2022Agnes Lamacz Uni Duisburg-Essen High-order homogenization in optimal control by the Bloch wave method
31.05.2022Elizabeth Gillaspy Missoula K-theory for real k-graph C*-algebras. Oberseminar C*-Algebren.
18.05.2022Björn Gebhard Universität Leipzig On the Rayleigh-Taylor instability
11.05.2022Nicola de Nitti Universität Erlangen Nonlocal regularizations of conservation laws
27.04.2022Rustum Choksi McGill University, Canada Maximum Entropy on the Mean: Image Processing, Statistical Estimation, and the Cramer Rate Function
01.12.2021Antonio Esposito Universität Erlangen On the mathematical modelling and analysis of active Brownian particle systems
24.11.2021Max Wardetzky Universität Göttingen The Bilaplacian on polyhedral surfaces - theory and applications
10.11.2021Daniel Ruprecht TU Hamburg Convergence of Parareal with spatial coarsening
27.10.2021Markus Schmidtchen TU Dresden On Incompressible Limits for Tissue Growth Model
14.07.2021Sara Merino Aceituno Universität Wien, Österreich Applying kinetic theory to the study of collective dynamics
07.07.2021Hendrik Ranocha Mathematics Münster Combining Analysis and Data: Optimized Runge-Kutta Methods with Automatic Step Size Control for Compressible Computational Fluid Dynamics.
07.07.2021Hendrik Ranocha WWU Münster Combining Analysis and Data: Optimized Runge-Kutta Methods with Automatic Step Size Control for Compressible Computational Fluid Dynamics
23.06.2021Helena Judith Nusszveig Lopes University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien Vanishing viscosity and conserved quantities for 2D incompressible flow
16.06.2021Carlo Orrieri Universität Pavia, Italien Large Deviations for some interacting particle systems
09.06.2021Riccardo Scala University of Siena, Italien A nonparametric Plateau problem with partial free boundary on a plane
19.05.2021Youngsoo Choi Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, U.S.A. Data-driven methods of accelerating physical simulations and their applications
12.05.2021Mario Maurelli Università degli Studi di Milano, Italien 2D Euler equations with transport noise: bounded and measure-valued vorticity
03.02.2021Matteo Focardi U Firenze On the regularity of singular sets of minimizers for the Mumford-Shah energy
27.01.2021Klaus Widmayer EPF Lausanne, Schweiz Stationary Euler flows near the Kolmogorov and Poiseuille flows
20.01.2021Thomas Schuster U Saarbrücken Data driven enhanced methods for terahertz tomography
14.01.2021Prof. Dr. Heiner Olbermann Université de Louvain, Belgique TBA
13.01.2021Prof. Dr. Martin Hutzenthaler Universität Duisburg-Essen On the curse of dimensionality for semilinear partial differential equations
16.12.2020Jean-Francois Babadijan Université Paris-Sud Concentration versus oscillation effects in brittle damage
09.12.2020Prof. Dr. Heiner Olbermann Université de Louvain, Belgien Energy scaling for a conically constrained sector
02.12.2020Maria Lukacova U Mainz K-convergence and Lax-equivalence theorem for the Euler equations of gas dynamics
25.11.2020Salvatore Stuvard University of Texas, Austin A capillarity theory approach to the analysis of soap films
18.11.2020Bernadette Hahn Universität Stuttgart Challenges in dynamic imaging
04.11.2020Marco Bravin Basque Center for Applied Mathematics On some properties for an incompressible, non-viscous in-out flow in a 2D domain
29.04.2020Nicola de Nitti FAU Erlangen Tba
11.12.2019Prof. Dr. Peter Bella TU Dortmund Homogenization of elliptic equations // 12:30 Uhr
04.12.2019Marcello Carioni Uni Graz Sparse solutions of inverse problems with finite dimensional data and applications to dynamic inverse problems.
13.11.2019Ina Humpert WWU Münster Modelling Vesicle Transport in Neurite Growth
03.04.2019Emanuele Tasso SISSA, Trieste A continuity result for the trace operator in the context of special functions with bounded variation
03.04.2019Maicol Caponi SISSA Existence of solutions to a phase-field model of dynamic fracture with a crack-dependent dissipation
12.03.2019Prof. Dr. Jan Pietschmann Universität Chemnitz "On Fokker-Planck Equations with In- and Outflow of Mass"
24.01.2019Kolloquium Wilhelm Killing: Prof. Dr. Martin Gander Universität Genf Is Optimal Really Good in Domain Decomposition ? (or why multigrid coarse spaces might not be suitable)
09.01.2019Dr. Matthias Ruf Universität Brüssel Random discrete approximations of the Mumford-Shah functional
19.12.2018Dr. Christian Zillinger University of Southern California Stabilization by mixing: On linear damping for the 2D Euler equations
07.11.2018Dr. Julian Braun Warwick University The Thermodynamic Limit of Transition Rates of Crystalline Defects in the Harmonic Approximation
07.11.2018Dr. Pietro Zanotti TU Dortmund A quasi-optimal variant of the Crouzeix-Raviart method for second-order elliptic problems
24.10.2018Prof. Dr. Francesco Solombrino Universität Neapel On global and local minimizers of prestrained thin elastic rods
18.10.201814. John von Neumann-Lecture by Prof. Dr. Alessio Figalli ETH Zürich
Regularity of interfaces in phase transitions via obstacle problems
17.10.2018Prof. Dr. Bernd Schmidt Universität Augsburg On Griffith-Euler-Bernoulli functionals for thin brittle beams
18.07.2018Björn Bringmann UCLA Probabilistic global well-posedness for radial nonlinear wave equations
13.06.2018Prof. Dr. Horst Thieme Arizona State University Discrete-time population dynamics on the space of measures
29.05.2018Prof. Dr. Arnd Scheel University of Minnesota CENOS Kolloquium-Pattern selection through directional quenching
16.05.2018Martin Kruzik Czech Academy of SciencesWeak* lower semicontinuity for signed integral functionals on BV and applications (Oberseminar der Angewandten Mathematik)
09.05.2018Prof. Dr. Manuel Gnann TU München (Kolloquium der Angewandten Mathematik) Singularities in thin film flow from a dynamical systems perspective
25.04.2018Prof. Dr. Benjamin Gess Universität Bielefeld, MIS Leipzig Path-by-path regularization by noise for scalar conservation laws
07.03.2018Harshit Bansal TU Eindhoven Model Order Reduction for Drilling Automation
22.11.2017Dr. Jan Fuhrmann Universität Mainz Traveling waves in a free boundary problem for cell motion
26.07.2017Dr. Ronny Bergmann TU Kaiserslautern A Graph Framework for Manifold-valued Data
05.07.2017Prof. Dr. Horst Thieme School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, Arizona State University Can infectious pathogens drive their host populations into extinction? And what role may predators of the host play?
14.06.2017Prof. Dr. Arnd Scheel, University of Minnesota, Vortrag Moduli spaces of growth patterns
05.04.2017Universität Münster Nonlinear PDE miniworkshop
15.02.2017Matteo Novaga Pisa A two phase model with cross and self attractive interactions
30.01.2017Prof. Dr. Ricardo Nochetto University of Maryland Nematic liquid crystals with variable degree of orientation
24.10.2016Antonin Chambolle Ecole Polytechnique TBA
24.10.2016Antonin Chambolle Ecole Polytechnique A curvature dependent functional for regularization
19.09.2016Matthew Salewski TU Berlin Equivariance and reduced-order modelling
25.05.2016Prof. Dr. Andreas Knauf FAU, ErlangenProf. Dr. Andreas Knauf (FAU, Erlangen) Celestial Bodies - Topological and Geometric Aspects
04.05.2016Christian Himpe WWU Münster Combined State and Parameter Reduction for Nonlinear Systems with an Application in Neuroscience
20.04.2016Prof. Dr. Jens Rademacher Universität Bremen Problems and challenges: multiple scales and coherent structures”
03.03.2016Guillano Lazzaroni SISSA, Trieste interactions beyond nearest neighbors versus non-interpenetration
22.02.2016Universtität Münster Workshop Numerical Schemes for Surface PDEs
17.02.2016Martin Holler Graz Higher order regularization and applications to medical image processing and data decompression
20.01.2016Prof. Dr. Antonio Segatti Universität Pavia Variational models for nematic shells
11.11.2015Christoph Schnörr Heidelberg Image Labeling by Assignment
21.10.2015Prof. Dr. Arnd Scheel University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Coherent Structures in Nonlocal Equations
08.07.2015Dr. Heiner Olbermann HCM Bonn Energy scaling law for the regular cone
17.06.2015Dr. Jonathan Bevan University of Surrey Testing the stability of radial cavitating maps in nonlinear elasticity
20.05.2015M. Kretz Universität Frankfurt Explicitly Data-Parallel Programming with C++
16.03.2015Ass. Prof. Dr. Luca Lussardi Universität Brescia, Italien : On a variational model for the elasticity of biomembranes
03.02.2015Peter Markowich KAUST / Cambridge / Vienna Mathematical Analysis of a PDE System for Biological Network Formation
19.11.2014Christian Clason Duisburg-Essen Konvexe Relaxierung von kontinuierlich--diskreten Problemen
05.11.2014Uwe Thiele Münster Dynamic unbinding transitions and deposition patterns in dragged meniscus problems (with digressions on depinning transitions and gradient dynamics formulations)
04.11.2014Robert Klöfkorn IRIS, Bergen hp-adaptive Finite Element Methods in DUNE-FEM
04.09.2014Fredrik Hellman Uppsala University A multilevel Monte Carlo method for failure probabilities
21.05.2014Jens Rademacher Universität Bremen Pattern formation in Landau-Lifschitz-Gilbert-Slonczewski equation for spintronic devices with aligned fields
20.05.2014Mariya Ptashnyk University of Dundee tba.
19.05.2014Michel Defrise Brüssel Current directions in PET imaging: Quantification using Time of Flight
23.04.2014Prof. Dr. Thomas Hillen University of Alberta, CanadaProf. Dr. Thomas Hillen (University of Alberta, Canada), Anisotropic diffusion model for glioma spread and wolf movement
05.03.2014Florian Grüne WWU Validation of higher order FEM for the EEG forward model
26.02.2014Jakob Ludewig WWU Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the EEG Forward Problem
25.02.2014Studenten des Praktikums Nichtlineare Modellierung in den Naturwissenschaften WWU Modellierung der Ausbreitung von SARS
06.11.2013Münster-Twente Workshop
Prof. Dr. Angela Stevens und Prof. Dr. Stephan van Gils
23.10.2013Katharina Proksch Bochum Simultaneous confidence bands in nonparametric regression – With applications to inverse and direct problems
16.10.2013Falk Meyer WWU Münster Convergent adaptive Finite Element Methods for the solution of the EEG forward problem.
25.06.2013Thomas Knösche Max-Planck-Institut für Kognitions- und Neurowissenschaften, Leipzig Neural Mass Modelling – a Tool for Linking Neurophysiology, Brain Measurements and Behavior
25.06.2013Robert Klöfkorn NCAR, Boulder, USA Adaptive DG Schemes for Atmospheric Problems.
19.06.2013Andreas Nüßing Universität Münster Masterarbeit „Algebraic Multigrid for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods”
12.06.2013N.N. N.N. Vortrag im Informatik-Kolloquium
17.01.2013Prof.Dr. Dr. Thomas Lengauer Direktor am Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, SaarbrückenProf.Dr. Dr. Thomas Lengauer (Direktor am Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik, Saarbrücken) Bioinformatics -assisted HIV Therapy– spearheading personal medicine?
10.10.2012Herbert Egger Darmstadt Analysis and Numerical Methods for Fluorescence Diffuse Optical Tomography
07.03.2012Samuli Siitanen Universität Helsinki Low-dose three-dimensional X-ray imaging
02.11.2011Sven Barendt Universität Lübeck Attenuation correction in SPECT
20.10.2011Professor Sergio Conti Universität Bonn "Scale-bridging in models of crystal plasticity"
25.05.2011Kyungkeun Kang Yonsei University, Republic of Korea Emergence of multi-cluster configurations from attractive and repulsive interactions
24.05.2011Thomas Lorenz Institute of Mathematics, Goethe University Frankfurt a.M.Thomas Lorenz (Institute of Mathematics, Goethe University Frankfurt a.M.) "Self-determination for shapes !" - via di erential equations for sets ?!
19.05.2011Miroslav Lachowicz Universität Warschau On a system of partial integro--differential equations modelling cancer invasion
03.05.2011Gianluigi Rozza EPFL Lausanne Reduced basis method for viscous flows: focus on inverse and optimization problems in haemodynamics
16.03.2011Alexander Ern Universitė Paris-Est Adaptive stochastic discretization schemes for uncertain hyperbolic systems
10.02.2011 Mini-Workshop on Cell Migration
02.02.2011Jan Haskovec Vienna From individual to collective behaviour of coupled velocity jump processes
12.01.2011Matthias Röger TU Dortmund GTPase Kreislauf und Musterbildung auf Zellmembranen
15.12.2010Thodoros Katsaounis University of Crete, Heraklion Adiabatic shear bands
03.11.2010Kunibert G. Siebert Univ. Duisburg-Essen Konvergenz und Optimalität adaptiver Finite Elemente Verfahren
27.10.2010Yalchin Efendiev Texas A&M University Multiscale model reduction for flows in high-contrast heterogeneous media and applications.
14.07.2010Thomas Schuster Hamburg Effiziente Löser für Vektortomographie in unterschiedlichen Geometrien
02.06.2010Bernd Sturmfels BerkeleyBernd Sturmfels (Berkeley)
19.05.2010Christine Thomas WWU Interpretation seismischer Signale aus der tiefen Erde
05.05.2010Malwina Luczak Minicourse: "Concentration of Measure"
26.03.2010Podlogar Test - Userverwaltung in der typo3-Version der FB10-Homepage
03.02.2010Peter Markowich Cambridge / Vienna Reaction-Diffusion (-Convection) Equations, Entropies and Sobolev Inequalities
20.01.2010Tobias Preusser Jacobs Universität Bremen Modeling and Simulation Support for the Planning of RF Ablation
11.11.2009Prof. Dr. Daniel Cremers Bonn Convex Relaxation for Shape Optimization and Labelling Problems in Computer Vision
04.11.2009Simona Perotto Politecnico di Milano, ItalySimona Perotto (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)
15.07.2009Prof. Dr. Urszula Lewdzewicz Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, USA Analysis of Mathematical Models for Tumor Anti-Angiogenesis and Combination Therapy
01.07.2009Prof. Dr. Heinz Schättler Washington University, St. Louis, USA Geometric Methods in Optimal Control Theory – Case Study of a Biomedical Problem
17.06.2009Antar Bandyopadhyay New Delhi, India DER VORTRAG FÄLLT AUS!!!
06.05.2009Gitta Kutyniok Osnabrueck Sparsity, l_1 Minimierung und die geometrische Trennung von Bilddaten mittels Wavelets und Shearlets
29.04.2009Siegfried Echterhoff Wavelets und Darstellungstheorie von Gruppen
01.04.2009Thorsten Hohage Göttingen Variational regularization of inverse problems with Poisson data
28.01.2009Serguei Popov Random evolution of ladders and random Cantor functions
22.10.2008Heiko Wagner Was will denn ein Spowi in der Mathematik?
22.10.2008Heiko Wagner
15.10.2008Mark Trede Modellierung von Einkommensdynamik
16.07.2008Malwina Luczak, London Random subgraphs of the 2D Hamming graph: the supercritical phase
09.07.2008Karol Mikula, Bratislava Computational reconstruction of vertebrate embryogenesis using image processing based on nonlinear partial differential equations.
02.07.2008Andreas Heuer Fußball-Ergebnisse aus statistischer Sicht: Von Fußballmythen und korrelierten Poisson-Verteilungen
21.05.2008Christiane Helzel, Bochum A multiscale model for suspensions of rod-like molecules
30.04.2008Andreas Heuer Stochastische Beschreibung komplexer dynamischer Prozesse in Raum und Zeit
23.04.2008Nicole Branger Pricing Two Trees when Trees and Investors are Heterogeneous
30.01.2008Serguei Popov Scenery Reconstruction with Brownian Motion
23.01.2008Jürgen Fuhrmann, WIAS Berlin "Numerical Modeling of Thin Layer Flow Cells"
14.11.200714.11.2007, 17:00, M5 geänderter Ort00, M5 (geänderter Ort) Peter Maass, Bremen Image Processing with Sparsity Constraints
14.11.200714.11.07, 15:15., M5: Joern Behrens, Alfred-Wegener-Institut fuer Polar- und Meeresforschung, Bremerhaven "Wissenschaftliches Rechnen fuer die Tsunami-Fruehwarnung und Gefahrenabwehr"
24.10.200724.10.07 Regina Burachik, University of South Australia, School of Mathematics and Statistics: "An Outer Approximation Method for a Class of Variational Inequalities"