Christian Engwer

M. Kretz (Universität Frankfurt): Explicitly Data-Parallel Programming with C++

Wednesday, 20.05.2015 16:15 im Raum M5

Mathematik und Informatik

Computing hardware is steadily increasing the attainable operations executed per second. However, this increase is only accessible through “proper” parallelization of our software. While the multi-core/multi-thread issue has seen a lot of research and solutions in recent years, the intrinsic parallelism per CPU core (SIMD) has widely been neglected. A look at current hardware shows that our software should take SIMD execution seriously. Starting from a quick introduction to data-parallelism, I will present how this common software property can be translated to SIMD instructions and thus a considerable speedup of the software. This leads to the programming problem: Our programming languages are still unable to express synchronously data- parallel (e.g. SIMD) execution. I will present the current plans of the C++ committee for solving the issue. Vector types, as one of the solutions, allow explicit data-parallel programming via the type system. Since most developers do not want to wait for another 6 years, I will focus on SIMD programming with the Vc library, which is the basis for the C++ committee work. I will round up the talk with examples, presenting applications and upcoming extensions of the Vc library. (Added 2015-05-24) Links: Slides, Old Vc Project Page, New Vc Repository on Github

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