Martin Burger

Martin Holler (Graz): Higher order regularization and applications to medical image processing and data decompression

Wednesday, 17.02.2016 14:15 im Raum SRZ 205

Mathematik und Informatik

Abstract: Variational methods are a powerful tool for tackling ill-posed problems in image processing. As such, they rely heavily on appropriate regularization terms which render a stable recovery possible and strongly influence qualitative solution properties. In this talk, we consider regularization concepts for both static and dynamic data that are based on higher order differentiation. Beginning with the static setting, we first discuss analytical properties of Total Generalized Variation (TGV) regularization which allow for well-posedness results for standard inverse problems. We then consider the application of TGV in the context of a variational model for image decompression, being in particular applicable to JPEG or JPEG 2000 compressed images. As second application, we introduce a nuclear-norm-based vectorial TGV functional for joint MR-PET reconstruction that exploits structural similarities between the two modalities. Moving to the dynamic setting, we motivate and introduce a suitable extension of derivative based regularization for spatio-temporal data. After establishing essential analytical properties, we deal with applications to the reconstruction of highly subsampled dynamic MR data and the decompression of MPEG compressed movies.

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