Carolin Gietz

Prof. Dr. Francesco Solombrino (Universität Neapel): On global and local minimizers of prestrained thin elastic rods

Wednesday, 24.10.2018 14:15 im Raum M5

Mathematik und Informatik

We study the stable configurations of a thin three-dimensional weakly prestrained rod subject to a terminal load as the thickness of the section vanishes. By $\Gamma$-convergence we derive a one-dimensional limit theory and show that isolated local minimizers of the limit model can be approached by local minimizers of the three-dimensional model. In the case of isotropic materials and for two-layers prestrained three-dimensional models the limit energy further simplifies to that of a Kirchhoff rod-model of an intrinsically curved beam. For this model we prove a supercritical bifurcation result, rigorously showing the emergence of a branch of hemihelical local minimizers from the straight configuration, at a critical force and under clamping at both ends.

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