Institute of Sociology - WWU Münster

Go abroad with ERASMUS - Apply now!

If you would like to study sociology or social sciences in France, Spain or 10 other European countries in the winter semester 2020/21, you can apply for the ERASMUS programme of the Institute of Sociology. The application deadline is 15 February 2020.

Applicants should inform themselves about the offer of the foreign partner universities and then send a letter of motivation to Hedi Hoff-Weikart.

Seminar Registration Phase for Summer Semester 2020 Started

Since 16 December 2019, all students are able to register for the courses of the coming summer semester 2020 via the HIS/LSF system [de].

Certain conditions apply:

  • Registrations are possible from the opening of the HIS/LSF system for students from 16.12.2019 to 26.02.2020.
  • Registration is binding for all seminars.
  • The time of registration has no effect on the later allocation of places.

The results of the official allocation procedure will be published by 21.03.2020 at the latest (see notice on IfS and homepage).

Retest Exams in Winter Semester 2019/20

On Tuesday, 24 March 2020, the retest exams of the Institute of Sociology will take place centrally from 10:00 a.m. in the lecture hall (SCH 121.5).
Students who would like to take part in the retest exams must register by 16.03.2020 with the relevant lecturers by e-mail.

IfS does not participate in U-Multirank

U-Multirank is an international, independent and web-based initiative initiated by the European Commission for the evaluation of colleges and universities. The aim of the project is to create transparency about the high diversity of universities in the tertiary education sector. This should enable students, parents and universities themselves to make a differentiated comparison between educational institutions and their profiles.

Based on the statement of the German Society for Sociology [de] and the extremely low response rate in the student survey, the Sociology Department in Münster has decided to no longer participate in U-Multirank.