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Farewell lecture of Prof. Dr. Christoph Weischer

The farewell lecture of Prof. Dr. Christoph Weischer will take place on 1.6.2022 at 6 pm. In lecture hall SCH 121.5, Prof. Weischer will speak on "Social Structure Analysis. State of the Art".

writing workshop

Maybe you also have some things that have been left behind due to the long pandemic period - an essay, a term paper, a presentation?
Then you are very welcome to the writing workshop at the IfS on 1.6.2022 from 12-14 (room 520)! The writing workshop is aimed at students in the one and two-subject BA Sociology programs of all semesters and pursues the goal of helping you to finally start or finish these papers.
Please consider in advance what specific work you would like to tackle in the writing workshop, register briefly with Valerie Dahl via email, and feel free to bring one unregistered fellow student.

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postponed: Institute Colloquium

Unfortunately, the institute colloquium has to be postponed.
It is expected that the lecture will be made up on June 15, 2022!

Original message:

The Institute Colloquium will be held on May 18, 2022. It starts at 14 c.t. in the conference room.
Ines Michalowski will speak about the "Scope and Limits of Organizational Opening for Religious Minorities".

All who are interested are welcome to attend!

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Panel discussion | Ukraine

When is refugee policy racist? Stefanie Ernst, Joachim Renn and Errol Babacan will deal with this question on 31.5.2022 against the background of current events in Ukraine. In the form of a panel discussion, specific sociological aspects of the event will be given space, starting at 6 pm in the lecture hall (SCH 5).
All interested parties are cordially invited to participate and join in the discussion.

Afterwards, the Institute invites all interested parties to discuss these or other questions in more detail at a joint drink in the early evening.

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Redesign courtyard | Benches & Tables

New benches and tables have recently been installed in the inner courtyard of the institute! Three table sets, two large benches around the plant troughs and a larger niche with seating invite you to linger, work, relax in the fresh air! Everyone is cordially invited to welcome spring there as well!

Institute Colloquium

The Institute Colloquium will be held on May 11, 2022. It starts at 14 c.t. in the conference room.
Hakan Yücetas will speak about "Attitudes towards Gender Equality of Youth with and without Migration Background in Germany: The Role of Education".

All interested are welcome!

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Obituary | PD Dr. Monika Friedrich

The Institute mourns the death of long-time colleague PD Dr. Monika Friedrich, who succumbed to a serious illness. Monika Friedrich (March 1, 1941 - March 25, 2022) was employed at the Institute from 1974 until her retirement in 2006 as a research associate, professor (ret.) and private lecturer. In her teaching and research, she was extremely committed to an "interpretative approach" as she had become acquainted with it during her sociological studies in the USA. According to this approach, social reality does not represent an objective, describable order, but rather an ongoing interpretative process, at the center of which are the interpretations of meaning by the actors themselves. Methodologically, this paradigm corresponds to a qualitative approach based on the interpretations of the actors, as Ms. Friedrich taught at the Institute over many years and also applied in her own research.

We mourn the loss of a dear, committed and always helpful colleague.

Results of the seminar place allocation

In some seminars for the summer semester 2022 the places have become scarce. Please check the list to see if your seminar is affected and if you are one of the participants!

Note: The seminar place allocation procedure has only been applied to the seminars on this list. In all other lectures/seminars you have received a place if you have registered for it in the LSF portal. There are still a few seminar places available that can be reserved in the LSF portal until all places are exhausted (you can recognize free places by the fact that the "Reserve/Unregister" function is still active).

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official Twitter channel of the institute online

The official Twitter account of the Institute is now online (@IfS_wwu).
There you can find, among other things, announcements of events at the institute (meetings, conferences, workshops, colloquia; summer festival, festivities), references to public appearances of institute members, to (ongoing) research projects as well as new publications that can be attributed to institute members.
Under "like", information is compiled that may be of importance to the institute's public (job advertisements, tweets by institute members, etc.).

Interested parties are invited to follow and participate!

Hints for tweets can be sent to: twitter.ifs@uni-muenster.de.