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informational event | qispos

Who feels unfamiliar with the WWU's digital examination administration (Qispos)?
On Tuesday, 22.11.2022 at 12 a.m. s.t. in room 501 (SoPoPool) there will be an information event where everything important will be discussed.

Students of all sociology and social sciences degree programmes can attend!

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Welcome freshmen

To all freshmen:
On Oct. 12, 2022, at 6 p.m., the Institute's faculty will come together and introduce themselves!
Snacks and drinks will be provided!

interim professorships

In the winter semester 22/23

  • Dr. Luigi Droste is the interim professor for methods and social structure analysis (former Prof. Dr. Weischer),
  • Dr. Gina Atzeni is the interim professor for theory building with a focus on social cohesion (Prof. Dr. Renn) and
  • Dr. Eylem Kanol is interim professor for sociology of religion (Prof. Dr. Michalowski).

DGS Congress 2022 | Presence of the IfS

The Institute is represented at the DGS Congress 2022 by many different contributions.
In addition to plenary lectures, section events, and ad hoc groups, individual Institute members are also organizing section events and ad hoc groups themselves. There will also be a book review as part of the Author-meets-critics series this time.

Appointment as Senior Professor | Prof. Dr. em. Christoph Weischer

Prof. Dr. em. Christoph Weischer has been appointed senior professor of the institute. Thus, the Institute continues to be broadly positioned with respect to the methods of social structure analysis. Furthermore, a universally respected colleague remains closely associated with the Institute.

Regulation on dealing with suppressed numbers

For the protection of the employees, FB06 does not accept calls with a suppressed phone number. If it is not possible for you to transmit your number for technical reasons, please contact the person you wish to speak to in advance by e-mail.

Election results | Board elections

The results of the elections to the boards of the institutes of Department 06 are available. They are valid for the term of office from 01 October 2022 to 30 September 2024 or 30 September 2023 (for students).

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Redesign courtyard | Benches & Tables

New benches and tables have recently been installed in the inner courtyard of the institute! Three table sets, two large benches around the plant troughs and a larger niche with seating invite you to linger, work, relax in the fresh air! Everyone is cordially invited to welcome spring there as well!

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Obituary | PD Dr. Monika Friedrich

The Institute mourns the death of long-time colleague PD Dr. Monika Friedrich, who succumbed to a serious illness. Monika Friedrich (March 1, 1941 - March 25, 2022) was employed at the Institute from 1974 until her retirement in 2006 as a research associate, professor (ret.) and private lecturer. In her teaching and research, she was extremely committed to an "interpretative approach" as she had become acquainted with it during her sociological studies in the USA. According to this approach, social reality does not represent an objective, describable order, but rather an ongoing interpretative process, at the center of which are the interpretations of meaning by the actors themselves. Methodologically, this paradigm corresponds to a qualitative approach based on the interpretations of the actors, as Ms. Friedrich taught at the Institute over many years and also applied in her own research.

We mourn the loss of a dear, committed and always helpful colleague.

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official Twitter channel of the institute online

The official Twitter account of the Institute is now online (@IfS_wwu).
There you can find, among other things, announcements of events at the institute (meetings, conferences, workshops, colloquia; summer festival, festivities), references to public appearances of institute members, to (ongoing) research projects as well as new publications that can be attributed to institute members.
Under "like", information is compiled that may be of importance to the institute's public (job advertisements, tweets by institute members, etc.).

Interested parties are invited to follow and participate!

Hints for tweets can be sent to: twitter.ifs@uni-muenster.de.