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Courses in the summer semester 2021

At the beginning of February, the Rectorate asked the lecturers to offer a "comprehensive, digital range of courses" at least until Pentecost in the summer semester, and afterwards it should be possible for students to continue their studies digitally. Accordingly, pure face-to-face teaching is unfortunately not possible in the summer semester either.
To make the selection of the seminars a little easier, you will find further information on the courses here [de, updated].
If there was no information, no information was available. Block seminars during the lecture-free period are not listed.

Seminar form

  • purely digital = the entire teaching takes place via the Learnweb or Zoom, the presence of the students on site is not necessary.
  • digital with face-to-face parts = the focus is on digital teaching, but face-to-face units are planned - for example to discuss texts, work assignments, presentations, work procedures, etc., usually in small groups or outdoors (e.g. as a "Aasee-walk").
Synchronous / asynchronous
  • Synchronous: The event (predominantly) takes place on the specified date, participation in the meetings is recommended. Regardless of this, the event can be supported by materials in the Learnweb, but these do not (completely) replace participation in the event date.
  • Asynchronous: The event takes place (predominantly) asynchronously, i.e. the content, work materials and tasks are completely made available to the students in the Learnweb and the students can participate in the event with free time management. An optional accompanying additional offer for the specific date of the event is possible, but participation is not essential to understand and pass the course.

Registration for courses for Sose 2021

Since the summer semester 2021 will also take place entirely or at least partially digitally, all important information on the course catalog and registration [de] is also here.
Please note the deadlines for registration! (March 9, 2021 for seminars and March 31, 2021 for all events not yet closed)

Beginning of the course evaluations

Course evaluations will take place at the institute between January 18 and January 31, 2021. The results of the evaluation will be sent to the lecturers at the beginning of February related to the event and will be published as the overall result of the Institute for Sociology on the homepage of Faculty 06 during the lecture-free period.