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»Transformationen im Münsterland gemeinsam anstoßen« wins WWU Citizen Science Competition 2022/2023

Congratulations! The project "Triggering transformations together in the Münsterland" has won the WWU Citizen Science Competition 22/23.

What potential is there in the projekt Künstlerdorf Schöppingen if socio-ecological transformations toward greater sustainability are to succeed? Can science, civil society and art be combined in such a way that their triad becomes a motivating factor for changing everyday lifestyles? These questions are addressed by an interdisciplinary team of scientific observers led by Prof. Dr. Matthias Grundmann (IfS), Dr. Cornelia Steinhäuser (Institute for Landscape Ecology Münster) and Julia Haarmann (Stiftung Künstlerdorf Schöppingen). The Institute of Sociology is involved through the staff of the working group Community and Sustainability Research and through IfS students in the project seminar "Subtile Vernetzungen".

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farewell lecture | Prof. Dr. Pollack

On May 9, 2023, the University of Münster bid farewell to Professor Dr. Detlef Pollack after many years of outstanding work in academia.
In his farewell lecture, Prof. Pollack thanked, among others, the University and his colleagues of the Cluster of Excellence "Religion and Politics" [de] for the many experiences he was allowed to make in the course of his career in Münster. During his lecture on the "Birth of Modernity from the Spirit of Religion", he emphasized the importance of collaboration between different perspectives, always understood as an intellectual challenge and of lasting value. In addition to framing words from representatives of the Rectorate, the Dean's Office, the Cluster of Excellence and the Institute of Sociology, Prof. Dr. Jörg Stolz from the University of Lausanne delivered the laudatory speech.

The Institute of Sociology thanks Professor Dr. Pollack for his outstanding commitment and his tireless efforts to advance the discipline. His influence will continue to make an important contribution to the discipline in Münster and beyond. He will remain associated with the institute as a senior professor.

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Invitation to the Farewell Lecture of Prof. Dr. Detlef Pollack

We cordially invite you to the farewell lecture of Prof. Dr. Detlef Pollack! On May 9, 2023, Prof. Pollack will speak on the topic "Die Geburt der Moderne aus dem Geist der Religion" ["The Birth of Modernity from the Spirit of Religion"]. The lecture begins at 6 p.m. c.t. in lecture hall JO 1 (Johannisstr. 4).
The laudation will be given by Prof. Dr. Jörg Stolz (Lausanne).

We look forward to welcoming you on this special occasion!

Announcement Conference "On the Transformation of Social Canons".

"What can process sociological perspectives on the 21st century achieve in order to classify the dynamic changes and rapidly successive crises of society in their depth and scope?"
This question will be addressed by the conference "On the Transformation of Social Canons. Process Sociological Perspectives on the 21st Century" [Zur Transformation sozialer Kanons. Prozesssoziologische Perspektiven auf das 21. Jahrhundert] on June 23-24, 2023 at the Institute of Sociology Münster. It is organized by the Professorship of Work and Knowledge under the chair of Prof. Dr. Stefanie Ernst. The conference is supported by the Norbert Elias Foundation.

| Deadline: 5/7/2023

Call by the sociology and politics departments | student seminar in WS 23/24

Applications for the student seminar in winter semester 23/24 are now open!
Those who are studying in the third higher semester and would like to gain experience as a lecturer, please note down your project idea and send it to:! The deadline for submissions is May 7, 2023.

Results of the seminar place assignment Sose 2023 | open seminar spaces

In some seminars for the summer semester 2023 the places became scarce. Please check the list to see if your seminar is affected and if so: if you are among the participants!

Note: The seminar place allocation procedure was only applied to the seminars listed in this list. In all other lectures/seminars you have received a place if you have registered for it in the LSF portal. There are also a few more seminar places available, which can be reserved in the LSF portal until all places have been exhausted (free places can be recognized by the fact that the "reserve/deregister" function is still active).

Between 20.3. and 26.3.2023, free seminar places can still be taken in the following Learnweb course on a first come/first served basis: Learnweb course "Seminare_IfS", enrollment code: Seminar_IfS. This allocation is intended for all students of Sociology, Social Sciences or of cooperative programs (Master EW, Master IEG, Master Political Science) who still need places in courses. For Educational Science students, there is another Learnweb course (see Educational Science course catalog)!

Project seminar for master students in the approved research project on diversity climate at the University of Münster

The "Diversity Climate Survey" is implemented by the Chair of Work and Knowledge in cooperation with BEMA. It is funded by the University of Münster and is part of its diversity-sensitive organizational development. Important potentials for improvements in the diversity culture are to be developed on an empirical-theoretical basis. The university will first be explored as a special type of organization with its own subject cultures, in order to then analyze discrimination that stands in the way of diversity in the university environment, as well as to make places and counseling services visible. The study is embedded in a laboratory-like project seminar, is aimed at our students in the Master's program and provides a valuable resource for regularly undertaken 'climate measurements' in organizations.
Please send inquiries to Prof. Dr. Stefanie Ernst (e-mail).

| Internship for sociology students

Announcement Project Seminar: "Subtle Networks" | Cooperation with ILÖK & Künstlerdorf

The seminar or the project internship taking place at the same time is designed as a joint course of the Institute of Landscape Ecology with the Institute of Sociology and the Künstlerdorf Schöppingen. The aim of the event is to explore the potential for socio-ecological transformation in the artists' village and on the region and to accompany this process. Within the framework of these initiatives, the artists' village was conceived, among other things, as a transformative real laboratory, which can be understood as a suitable place for scientific-collaborative research into social-ecological processes. In the exchange between science, civil society and art, participatory and creative research methods as well as innovative and artistic works are applied in order to increasingly involve the population and regional stakeholders of the surrounding urban and rural areas in the collaboration. An element that connects everything in human-nature relations is water, and the artist Grashina Gabelmann is currently working on a project with numerous actors from the surrounding area. This project will be co-created and accompanied in this interdisciplinary course using creative and social science methods. Gamification and co-creative approaches are fundamentally participatory and are increasingly in focus in sustainability research, as they could make visible networks of relationships relevant for a transformation.

The project seminar can be taken either as an internship according to the examination regulations of the one-subject and two-subject Bachelor of Sociology or as a seminar in the module "Social Structure, Culture and Social Practice". Registration is only possible via Matthias Grundmann ( Early registration by mid-March is requested! A preliminary meeting will take place in mid-March at the Institute of Landscape Ecology.

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Farewell | Rensing & Hoff-Weikart

Yesterday, Edeltraud Rensing and Hedi Hoff-Weikart celebrated their retirement. In the larger circle there was the opportunity - with food & drink - to remember the past years and decades and to wish in broad unanimity the best for the coming years and decades.

The IfS thanks Hedi Hoff-Weikart and Edeltraud Rensing for many good years of cooperation.
All the best!

Appointment as Senior Professor | Prof. Dr. em. Christoph Weischer

Prof. Dr. em. Christoph Weischer has been appointed senior professor of the institute. Thus, the Institute continues to be broadly positioned with respect to the methods of social structure analysis. Furthermore, a universally respected colleague remains closely associated with the Institute.

Regulation on dealing with suppressed numbers

For the protection of the employees, FB06 does not accept calls with a suppressed phone number. If it is not possible for you to transmit your number for technical reasons, please contact the person you wish to speak to in advance by e-mail.

Election results | Board elections

The results of the elections to the boards of the institutes of Department 06 are available. They are valid for the term of office from 01 October 2022 to 30 September 2024 or 30 September 2023 (for students).

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Redesign courtyard | Benches & Tables

New benches and tables have recently been installed in the inner courtyard of the institute! Three table sets, two large benches around the plant troughs and a larger niche with seating invite you to linger, work, relax in the fresh air! Everyone is cordially invited to welcome spring there as well!


official Twitter channel of the institute online

The official Twitter account of the Institute is now online (@IfS_wwu).
There you can find, among other things, announcements of events at the institute (meetings, conferences, workshops, colloquia; summer festival, festivities), references to public appearances of institute members, to (ongoing) research projects as well as new publications that can be attributed to institute members.
Under "like", information is compiled that may be of importance to the institute's public (job advertisements, tweets by institute members, etc.).

Interested parties are invited to follow and participate!

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