Equality at the Institute of Sociology

The aim of university gender equality work in accordance with the Equal Opportunities Act of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany is to enforce equal rights for women and men at universities in all areas. Gender equality work is therefore not a feminist project, but a general democratic imperative.

Sociological research and sociological analysis substantiate unequal participation of women and men in science in general and also in sociology itself with data, show different conditions depending on gender, offer numerous explanatory approaches for the slow change.

Gender equality work contributes to the implementation of gender equality through, among other things, participation in job filling procedures, data collection on gender relations and offers for employees in technology and administration, students and scientific staff.

Equal Opportunities Group of the Faculty

At the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, this work is monitored and coordinated within the framework of an equal opportunities group. The Equal Opportunities Group [de] is headed by the decentralised Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, Prof. Dr. Christiane Frantz [de].

Equal Opportunities Officer of the University

For the entire University of Münster, gender equality work is carried out by the Equal Opportunities Officer of the WWU Münster and the Office for Gender Equality. PD Dr. Patricia Göbel [de] is currently elected. On the office's website you can find comprehensive information on numerous topics in the context of equality and legal foundations.

Contact persons at the IfS

Contact persons for your concerns in the field of equality at the Institute of Sociology are currently