Scholarship offers for MM master's students

The Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster offers several opportunities to support international activities of master's students.
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Come to Münster!

Short-term stays:  Come to Mathematics Münster for 2 to 6 months to prepare your master's thesis or work on a related research project! You can apply if you have completed at least one year in your home institution and would like to get to know mathematical research in Germany.

You would like to come to Germany for the full master's degree? Apply for the Full grant scholarship to get the full master's experience at Mathematics Münster.

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Go abroad!

M.Sc. Mathematics students at Münster are encouraged to go abroad for 1 to 6 months.

MM study abroad: Take the opportunity to experience international mathematical research, to complete your master’s degree work and to build up valuable international connections around the globe.

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New international master's scholarship holders have started their studies

The new holders of the scholarships for excellent international master’s students have arrived: Yassaman Jafarabadi, Vindula Kumaranayake and Devansh Sehta started their studies at the University of Münster in October. They are supported by full grant scholarships awarded by the Cluster of Excellence Mathematics Münster. In interviews, they tell us why they chose Münster, which mathematical topics they will focus on and what they hope to achieve during their time here.

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Mit einem Kurzzeit-Stipdendium nach Münster

Exzellenzcluster fördert Masterstudenten José Rafael Santiago

Das erste Kurzzeit-Stipendium für internationale Mathematik-Masterstudierende geht an José Rafael Santiago. Der Venezolaner ist Anfang des Jahres in Münster angekommen und wird, gefördert durch das neue Stipendien-Programm des Exzellenzclusters Mathematik Münster, sechs Monate an der WWU verbringen.