Young African Mathematicians (YAM) Fellowship Programme

The YAM Fellows 2023/2024, Junior Parfait Ngalamo, Marjory Mwanza and Abakar Assouna Mahamat, with Prof. Dr. Raimar Wulkenhaar (academic coordinator) and Anke Pietsch (programme management assistant).
The YAM Fellows 2023/2024, Junior Parfait Ngalamo, Marjory Mwanza and Abakar Assouna Mahamat, with Prof. Dr. Raimar Wulkenhaar (academic coordinator) and Anke Pietsch (programme management assistant).
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Mathematics Münster is one of the official partners of the Young African Mathematicians (YAM) Fellowship Programme.

The YAM network is a collaboration between the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) and its five AIMS centers in Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda, Senegal and South Africa and four German Clusters of Excellence with a focus on mathematics: Berlin Mathematics Research Center MATH+ (Berlin), Hausdorff Center for Mathematics (Bonn), Mathematics Münster (Münster) and Structures (Heidelberg).

Meet our YAM Fellows 2023/2024!

Mission Statement

The mission of the YAM programme is to encourage young, talented and highly motivated graduates of the AIMS master's programme to conduct a research stay at an excellent mathematical institution in Germany. The programme offers graduate students the opportunity to work intensively with and learn from renowned international mathematicians, and thus optimally prepare themeselves for the next professional, academic and personal stages of their career. The programme also enables them to create a network of researchers and institutions which are involved in mathematics partnerships between Germany and African countries.


A YAM fellowship consists of:

  • a research visit of 10 months;
  • attending courses and participating in seminars;
  • working on a research project advised by a mentor;
  • participating in two networking events of the YAM Network Germany (YAM Cohort Meet-Up in November/December and YAM Research Projects Showcase in May/June);
  • a stipend covering travel, living and accommodation costs;
  • personal and practical support from the large YAM support system (made up of advisors, YAM coordinators, peers, and staff of each graduate school).

How to Apply

Current AIMS students at a master’s level and recent graduates with a strong academic record and serious interest in mathematical research are eligible to apply to the YAM Fellowship Programme.

Applications should be submitted locally at the respective AIMS institute with an indication of the research area of interest.

As of 2023, the selection process consists of two steps:

  • Step 1: Each AIMS center nominates 6 candidates – with a commitment to guarantee 50% of nominations from female applicants – and submits them to the YAM Programme institutions (Clusters of Excellence);
  • Step 2: Each YAM host institution receives a shortlist of suitable candidates with an invitation to interview them and make a final decision.

Each Cluster can award up to three YAM Fellowships every year, and the selected YAM fellows can officially start their research experience by the beginning of the winter semester (October).

Meet Münster's YAM fellows 2023/2024

  • Abakar Assouna Mahamat

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    "I'm Abakar Assouna Mahamat from Bongor (Chad). After obtaining my bachelor's degree at École Normale Supérieure de Bongor, I completed my master's studies at University of Ngaoundere (Cameroon), and at the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) Senegal. I was interested in the theory of Integrable Systems in my previous master's thesis.

    However, given the 'Dynamics - Geometry - Structure' programme at the University of Münster and my background in Differential Geometry, I quickly became fascinated to be part of the Young African Mathematicians (YAM) programme. I thought to myself that coming to Münster would enable me to gain a deep understanding of Riemannian Geometry and to make it my second area of research, as I like the interactions between the branches of Geometry.
    My work will focus on Harmonic maps between Riemannian manifolds. I would then like to take this further in my PhD.

    Here at Münster University, there are plenty of maths experts, and people are very open to talking about mathematics. It's very exciting! It makes research a lot easier. In short, despite having to adapt to the cold of Münster and German culture, YAM program is a great opportunity, marking one of the best steps towards fulfilling my dreams. I'm really lucky to be here."

  • Marjory Mwanza

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    "My name is Marjory Mwanza and I come from the AIMS center South Africa. My mathematical interests are group theory and geometry, so I am doing research in geometric group theory. My motivation for the YAM fellowship is the opportunity to get exposed to high quality international research environment which can create an impact in my career prospects and also the opportunity to participate in activities that can strengthen my network.

    I plan to attend conferences and seminars (give talks) and also to do a good research in my field that would help me to get an opportunity for a PhD position. I like Münster because it is a quiet and chilled place, the city is beautiful and I enjoy taking walks around."

  • Junior Parfait Ngalamo

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    "My name is Junior Parfait Ngalamo and I come from AIMS Cameroon in the town of Limbé where I graduated as one of the top three students in my batch. I am interested in applied mathematics in general and in particular in those that help to solve problems in the financial sector. I was motivated to join the YAM programme because it allows talented young African mathematics students like me to pursue their passion for mathematics in one of the mathematical Clusters of Excellence in Germany, and also to experience a new culture.

    I would like to study, understand and solve problems in Financial Mathematics. My wish is to work on an exciting and current topic, to be well grounded in the field and to be well equipped for research. I'm happy to be at Mathematics Münster because it's one of the best mathematics Clusters in Germany, with an ideal environment for studies and research, and with top teachers and researchers in every field. I appreciate people's commitment to what they do and I like the city."