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Leadership development at Münster University is a top priority.

Our leadership development measures are based on the strategic goals of the University of Münster and take the personal interests of the participating leaders into account. As part of our personnel development programme, these courses aim to achieve the following goals:

  • Promote the principles outlined in the University’s mission statement
  • Improve the quality of leadership and the University’s organisational culture
  • Support leaders in fulfilling their role as responsible supervisors
  • Help leaders meet their obligation to pursue lifelong learning
  • Establish a long-term bond with management staff
  • Promote networking and synergies

The Personnel Development department invites you to improve your leadership skills in structured courses targeted at managers at the University of Münster. These courses are tailor-made to help you successfully handle the complex and demanding challenges of everyday managerial life.

The in-house leadership development programme is a long-term learning process and features a wide range of measures.

Course overview

What is leadership competence?

Leadership competence refers to subject-relevant, methodical, social and personal skills which enable managers to independently carry out supervisory tasks, e.g. in unclear, complex and dynamic situations. In other words, these are skills which allow managers to "manage" such situations without outside assistance or help from third parties.
(Reiner Bröckermann, 2011)

Leadership competence is a comprised of managerial expertise and skills that enable one to plan and agree on goals, delegate responsibilities, and motivate, challenge and promote subordinate staff. In order to be successful, one requires a wide range of social skills in key areas such as communication, empathy, conflict resolution and team-building.

For leaders, this means that management competence is a resource like all others which must be cultivated and developed on an ongoing basis.