An important reminder...

If you would like to register for a course offered by an external provider, you can save us time and trouble if you allow the Personnel Development department to register on your behalf.

Please do not register for courses without speaking to us first as this can cause additional work later on (creation of SAP order numbers, involvement of the Staff Council etc.) Also remember never to use your private address as a billing address when completing forms for external course providers as this can lead to significant problems down the road!

On the right, you will find registration forms for courses offered by our most popular external training providers. Simply fill out the respective form with your data and send it to us at We will then take care of everything else!

Thank you very much!

External providers

In addition to our in-house professional training programme, you may also sign up for courses offered by a broad range of external professional training providers. The following five providers are among our most popular cooperation partners:

Inter-University Professional Training (HÜF)
Professional Training Academy of the Ministry of the Interior (IM/FAH)
NRW Ministry of Economics, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy (IT.NRW)
Continuing Education Centre for Library and Information Sciences (ZBIW)

We also work closely with Münster University Continuing Education on longer-term qualification programmes, such as the University Management Qualification Programme and the master’s programme in university and science management.

How to participate in courses offered by external providers

Procedures for employees in the central University administration
(Basis: Service Agreement on Continuing Education and Qualification at the University of Münster)

  • Professional training needs

    You have the opportunity to discuss your professional training needs each year during your employee/supervisor review (ESR). Your direct supervisor then passes this information on to the Personnel Development department. Our staff assesses your needs and consults further with your supervisor if necessary. After concluding our review, we inform your supervisor as to whether your professional training needs have been approved.

  • Registration

    After your professional training needs are approved, complete the course provider’s registration form (for downloadable forms by our most popular external course providers, see column on right). Have your supervisor sign it and then send it (preferably scanned) to Dept. 3.5 at Alternatively, you can also send us the relevant link to the seminar, your supervisor in the cc. Registrations must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the course date (unless the course provider specifies a different deadline). For seminars offered by the NRW Ministry of Interior, the registration period ends six weeks prior to the course. We will forward all necessary information to the Staff Council, take care of the payment modalities and register you with your desired course provider.

    We cannot guarantee that your registration will be processed in time if you submit it shortly before the deadline!

    If you register for a seminar offered by an external provider without consulting with the Personnel Development department first, there is no guarantee that the cost of the course will be covered by the University. In other words, you may be liable for the resulting expenses!

    Course registrations are binding!

    Your registration in external courses is binding. Therefore, we ask you to double check with your supervisor in advance as to whether you actually have the time to participate on the respective date and then firmly schedule the meeting in your time planner.
    Most external providers charge steep fees for short-term cancellations.
    If you have to cancel at short notice due to illness, please let us know as soon as possible (preferably via email at It does not suffice to simply notify the provider of your inability to attend.

  • Secondment and travel expense invoicing

    As soon as we receive confirmation from the provider that you are registered for the course in question, you are issued a secondment for professional training purposes. Confirmation of registration can arrive at varying times depending on the seminar provider. If you haven’t received word as to whether your registration has been accepted or declined about one week prior to the beginning of the seminar, please contact us.

    You do not need to submit a business trip application in advance!
    On the reverse side of the secondment certificate issued to you, you will find instructions on how to invoice your travel expenses via the SAP workflow within six months following your course.