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to our in-house professional training programme for employees of the University of Münster.

If you are interested in a specific area or particular topic, you can find the suitable courses divided by your perspectives and subject areas in our programme overview, our course overview or our course calendar (see right sidebar).

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    Infoveranstaltung Ausbildung der Kaufleute für Büromanagement

    Neurodiversität in der Lehre (UDL Workshop)

    Einführung in Chemdraw und Chem3D
    Einstieg in das Forschungsinformationssystem CRIS

    SAIL - Internationale Forschungsförderung
    Fort- und Weiterbildung im Ausland mit ERASMUS+

    Forschung an der Uni Münster

    Zusammenarbeit in Drittmittelprojekten

    Grundlagen des Arbeits- und Tarifrechts

    Budgetkiller: Umsatzsteuer und Zoll

    Neue Reihe Personalentwicklung kompakt!

    Neue Reihe für Dauerstelleninhaber*innen im akademischen Mittelbau

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    Female Leadership Program "LARINE"

    On April 26, 2024, the Female Leadership Program launched at the University of Münster. The program is named LARINE, an acronym for Leadership, Exchange, Resilience, Networking, and Empowerment. These keywords represent the spirit of the program. Nearly 50 female leaders at the University of Münster engage within a large community as well as in mastermind groups, tackling numerous questions surrounding female leadership.

    What distinguishes female leadership? Are there specific leadership concepts that are particularly suitable for women?

    The program includes e-training, live online lectures, and in-person meetings in mastermind groups. The one-year program aims to support the development and strengthening of leadership skills. To achieve this, experts from academia and practice are invited to provide insights to the participants and engage in discussions with them. The diversity of formats promotes individual learning and enhances mutual exchange.

    Lesya Zalenska, responsible for the program, emphasizes the importance of communal learning: "Learning is most successful and sustainable when it occurs in an atmosphere that is enjoyable and encourages profound exchange. The happiness hormone dopamine, released upon learning successes, plays a central role. It keeps our motivation up and drives us to persevere. By forming a community of like-minded individuals, we create a learning environment that combines all these elements."

    Program Highlights:

    • Research and Success Stories: Participants gain insights into current research findings and success stories of female role models in leadership positions.
    • Self-Leadership and Communication: Conveying the importance of self-leadership and the art of confidently presenting strengths and accomplishments.
    • Practical Leadership Tools: Learning leadership tools for effective team management and support of women in leadership positions.
    • Mental Health and Inner Convictions: Incorporating mental health and inner convictions into personal development.

    With LARINE, personnel development not only provides a platform for learning and developing leadership skills but also for building valuable networks at the university.

    Further information on the programme can be found here.