Professional training programme
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to our in-house professional training programme WWU Fortbildung.

In such a complex organisation like a university, every job at the University of Münster (WWU) comes with a specific set of requirements which constantly evolve. You as an employee contribute to the success of the University by taking on your tasks with responsibility and commitment.

If you are interested in a specific area or particular topic, you can find the suitable courses divided by subject areas in our programme overview, our course overview or our course calendar (see right sidebar). We also offer numerous learning possibilities online.

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    October 2022 - Graduation and start in university management

    On Thursday, 20.10.2022, 13 graduates* celebrated their successful completion in the personnel development program "Hochschulmanagement@WWU", which ran since April 2021. The Vice Rector for Academic Personnel Development and Diversity, Professor Maike Tietjens, ceremoniously presented the certificates to the participants. The participants were recommended for the program by their leaders due to their special commitment. They were selected from a large number of applications and received a scholarship from the WWU to participate in the program.

    After three cohorts of "Women in University Management", this was the first cohort of the program that was open to all genders. Both equivalent programs, offered by the Department of Human Resources Development and the Office of Equal Opportunity, serve to professionalize and network in higher education management at WWU. They help participants further familiarize themselves with core topics in university management - from research and personnel management to finance, quality assurance, internationalization, and public relations. In addition, there is an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues.

    On Thursday, Nov. 10, 2022, the next cohort Women in University Management will launch its 1.5-year professional development program. The next cohort Hochschulmanagement@WWU is planned for 2024.

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    September 2022 - Netzwerktreffen der Labormitarbeiter*innen auf Spurensuche mittels Fluoreszenz

    Madeleine Supper, Koordinatorin des Netzwerks der Labormitarbeiter*innen (lab-x-change) hat die Labormitarbeiter*innen zu einem besonderen Netzwerktreffen eingeladen. Neben dem fachlichen und persönlichen Austausch, stand außerdem ein Vortrag über Fluoreszenzmikroskopie von Dr. Thomas Zobel (Koordinator Mikroskopie am CiM) auf dem Programm.



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    August 2022 - Themed day "Leadership at a glance"

    This themed day was aimed specifically at leaders in science, in the faculties and central operating units. In a compact format and in small groups, the participants were given new impulses, interactive exchange and advice on topics such as onboarding, job references and annual dialogs.

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    May 2022 - Young Professors Programm (YPP)

    Achieving outstanding research results while keeping actively engaged in teaching, student supervision and administrative responsibilities requires a broad range of knowledge and skills. The Young Professors Programme (YPP) offers assistant professors and junior research group leaders at the WWU a number of tools to help them meet the diverse challenges they face and prepare them for the next step in their career. In addition to various training formats, YPP offers participants an official one-year mentoring programme and sees itself as a networking platform for fostering contacts at and outside the WWU.

    The first cohort of nine mentees commenced their mentoring year on 11 May 2022. The goal is to develop individual topics in collaboration with a mentor from another faculty. The activities of the mentoring tandems are accompanied by a programme consisting of three supplementary events[RB1] . These serve to promote exchange between the participants and intensify their collaborative efforts.

    The YPP mentoring programme starts in May of every year. In November 2022, we will be accepting applications for participation in the second cohort, set to commence in May 2023. For current information, visit: go.wwu.de/ypp

    Personnel Week
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    April 2022 - Personnel Week

    Over 400 participants, 26 online and in-person courses, internal and external trainers, and numerous positive responses. This was the result of Personnel Week, held for the first time in April 2022. “Personnel” is as diverse a topic as the courses offered. A measure of how important this subject is to employees personally, to their departments and the University of Münster was evident by how quickly most of the courses filled up shortly following the announcement of the theme-based week. The maximum number of course participants was increased wherever possible, and otherwise additional course dates were arranged. In view of the resoundingly positive response, we plan on offering further personnel-themed course formats in the future. Stay tuned for more fascinating and informative courses by WWU Fortbildung!