Our mission

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  • Promoting employee competence

    The in-house professional training programme builds on the Personnel Development Concept and aligns with the University's overarching goals. It is targeted at all employees and aims to promote competence acquisition in a professional context.

  • Self-responsibility

    Professional training requires a certain degree of responsibility and self-reflection from employees. We believe that each and every employee should assume responsibility for:

    • assessing their needs for professional training at the workplace
    • pursuing life-long learning
    • demonstrating commitment, openness to change and an interest in personal career development
  • Supervisors are personnel developers on location

                 Supervisors are responsible for employee development. It is a task that cannot be delegated to anyone else. And for their part, employees are responsible for speaking with their supervisors on equal footing concerning their tasks and the professional training they need to perform them.

  • Personnel Development as a sparring partner

    When it comes to professional training, the Personnel Development department sees itself as a sparring partner for all employees at the University of Münster. We are here to provide consultation and support. We develop professional training courses in dialogue with employees and take their wishes, suggestions, praise and criticism into account.