Conditions of participation

  • Who are professional training courses intended for?

    The courses offered through the in-house professional training programme are targeted at all employees of the University of Münster. These are divided into two groups – general courses for all employees and specialised courses for specific target groups, e.g. courses for women, the management training programme etc. For more information, see the Service Agreement on Continuing Education and Qualification at the University of Münster [de].

    The professional training programme of the University of Münster is also open to employees who work at other higher education institutions in Münster.

  • When does the in-house professional training programme begin?

    We organise seminars on a continual basis and announce upcoming courses regularly. You can register to participate anytime.

  • Does participation in a professional training course count as working time?

    Yes. The time spent participating in professional training courses is counted as working time. Please speak with your direct supervisor in advance if you wish to participate in a course. The course invitation doubles as permission to leave your workplace and go to the training site as a job-related errand. If you are employed under the flexitime model, please remember to hand in a time correction form (Zeitkorrekturbeleg) or enter a booking correction (Buchungskorrektur) via the SAP workflow afterwards.

  • Is participation in a professional training course free of charge?

    Participation in the internal professional training programme is free for all University employees, as well as for staff of the partner facilities.

Support services

  • How do you ensure that all employees have the chance to participate in the professional training programme?

    HR Development offers various support measures to ensure that all employees can participate in continuing education courses.

    • We offer professional training courses to all employees. We would be happy to advise on your training options.
    • We offer courses on different days of the week at various times of day so that every full-time and part-time employee can take part.
    • We strive to offer handicapped-accessible in-person and online courses. If you have special needs, please contact us.
    • We offer a child-minding service during courses for participants with children.

    If you have questions, comments or suggestions, please contact us at

  • Is there somebody available to look after my child during a professional training course?

    If a course is scheduled outside of normal working hours, leaving you with nobody to mind your child(ren) or care for a family member, you can contact the Family Service Office for support. Parents employed at the University can take advantage of free child-minding services while attending professional training courses. Depending on the need, the Family Service Office can:

    • arrange babysitting on location
    • provide childminding in cooperation with pme Familienservice Münster at its premises on Friesenring, the Adventure Kids
    • provide support to help you pay for your own babysitter

    For more information, click here or contact Claudia Cramer (

Registration and cancellation

  • How do I register for a course and cancel my registration if necessary?

    You must register online by logging in with your User ID and password, then clicking the button “Book course” on the corresponding course page. Be sure to speak with your supervisor in advance before signing up for a course.

    If you find that you cannot participate in a course that you have already signed up for, we ask you to cancel your registration as soon as possible. This courtesy allows us to offer your place to someone else. You can cancel your registration online for as long as the booking period is open by clicking “Cancel registration” under My Courses.

  • How can I register if I’m not an employee of the Münster University?

    The in-house professional training programme of the University of Münster is also open to external doctoral candidates and scholarship holders, as well as employees from other higher education institutions in Münster and the University Hospital Münster (UKM). If you belong to one of these groups, you need a user ID / guest participant ID to register. To obtain an ID, please contact us at WWU Fortbildung and hand in your signed and completed data protection statement.

    Please note that it can take several days to receive a guest participant ID.
    As soon as your ID has been issued, we will register you for the course and inform you of any further modalities if necessary. For all future courses, you can register on your own using your ID and corresponding password.

    If you are an employee of the UKM, the Münster University of Applied Sciences, the Studierendenwerk, the University of Fine Arts Münster or the German Police University, we process your registration on the assumption that your institution has approved your participation in the course.

    For more information, contact the professional training representative at your institution:

    * University Hospital Münster
    Ms Mertin, or other staff member of the Travel Expense Office
    Tel.: +49 251 83-58912

    * Münster University of Applied Sciences
    Ms Rodemann
    Tel.: +49 251 83-64409

    * Studierendenwerk (Student Support Services)
    Ms Aupers
    Tel.: +49 251 83-79717

    * University of Fine Arts Münster
    Ms Listau
    Tel: +49 251 8361-314
    Note: Employees of the University of Fine Arts Münster already have a user ID and do not need to hand in the data protection statement.

    * German Police University
    Dr Hauff
    Tel.: +49 2501 806-210

  • Can I participate in a course at short notice if there are still free places?

    Yes, you can participate if there are still free places, even if the registration button is already greyed out. Please contact us by e-mail or phone (22436). In rare cases it is not possible to participate at short notice, for example if long-term preparation for the course was necessary.

  • Where can I view a complete list of my courses?

    Click the button My Courses to view a list of all your booked courses, your notifications and certificates of participation. All data remains accessible online for 36 months.

  • Is there a waiting list?

    Yes. If your desired course is fully booked, you may add your name to a waiting list online. As spaces become available, participants are registered for the course in the order they were added to the waiting list. Please keep the scheduled date of your desired course free in case someone cancels.

Certificate of participation and course evaluations

  • Do I receive a certificate of participation?

    You receive a certificate of participation if you have attended more than 75% of course. Please note, that it could take a few days until your certificate of participation is available. You can find your certificate of participation under My Courses. You can download, save or print out the certificate from the page for 36 months. If you would like to add the certificate to your personnel file, please send a copy to your respective personnel department (Depts. 3.1, 3.3, 3.4).

  • How are course evaluations conducted?

    After the course, you will receive an email with a request for feedback. Completing the course evaluation helps us optimise our professional training courses. The evaluations are anonymised and administered online via the University’s EvaSys programme. Of course, you may speak with us in person if you have any suggestions concerning our programme.

External course providers

  • How do I register and cancel registration for courses offered by an external provider?

    The Personnel Development department is responsible for registering you for courses offered by external providers. However, you must first speak with your supervisor about your interest in attending the course, and he/she must notify Personnel Development of your wish in advance (applies for central administration and staff units). As a rule, you should broach the subject with your supervisor during your annual performance review.

    The Personnel Development department is also responsible for cancelling registration in cases of illness. It does not suffice to simply notify the external service provider of your wish to cancel.

  • Who pays for the cost of sending employees to externally-provided professional training courses?

    The Personnel Development section for administrative staff (Dept. 3.5) pays the external participation fees for employees in the administrative and Rectorate departments.

    For faculty employees and staff in the central (academic) facilities, the respective department, unit or facility is responsible for paying the participation fees.

    For more information, see the Service Agreement on Continuing Education and Qualification at the University of Münster [de].