Programme overview

Every career path at the University of Münster is full of perspectives, and no two are alike. The activities and responsibilities of research and teaching staff often overlap with those in university administration and science management.

To provide a better overview of the diverse areas of responsibility and career paths, we like to use the term PERSPECTIVE – which also plays a key role in the Personnel Development@WWU concept. The idea enables employees and supervisory staff to assume different perspectives depending on their own job profile and interests. This corresponds to the permeability of career paths and the diversity of the work profiles at the University.

Take a look at what we have to offer from your own perspective (below), search for a particular topic (right) or check out our complete listing of courses in our course overview (above).

Your feedback about our website and professional training programme

Dear Employee,

Do you regularly participate in our professional training courses? Or have you only heard about them recently and decided to sign up for one? Either way, we would be very interested in hearing your opinion regarding the functionality of our WWU Fortbildung website, as well as the content of our course offerings!

By sharing your feedback (de), you can actively help us improve our courses and tailor them to your needs and interests.

If you offer a professional training course in your department, and wish to offer it to others outside your area, we urge you to contact us and share your ideas.

Your WWU Fortbildung team