University management

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Excellent research and instruction take place every day at the University of Münster. The organisation of teaching activities and numerous scientific projects requires careful planning and allocation of personnel and budgetary resources. Society expects every university to demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset without becoming overly commercial and business-like.

University management views this balancing act as a challenge and functions as an intermediary between the scientific community and the University administration. This enables the University to offer the highest quality instruction and research while taking its limited resources into consideration.

The complexity of these tasks and requirements makes it necessary to employ managerial methods and develop specific working techniques customised to the needs and structures of the University in order to ensure effective communication and efficient planning. Over the years, university management has become a profession and an area of competence for many members of staff who interact in a dynamic environment with diverse and occasionally contradictory interests.

The courses in this area support university managers and academic supervisory staff with a broad range of complex tasks. The courses also help strengthen networking and encourage dialogue among all university employees, as well as experts in the field of university management.

Course overview