Junior research groups

Emmy Noether Programme (German Research Foundation)

P2X7 and P2X4 Receptors in Cancer and Inflammation: Drug Development, Bioimaging, and Targeted Drug Delivery
Duration: 2018-2023 | Dr. Anna Junker [de]

Structural and functional studies on interactors of activated Ral GTPases
Duration: 2012-2019 | Prof. Dr. Daniel Kümmel

Electron-rich phosphines, switchable lewis (super)acids and cooperative metal complexes: new prospects for the activation of CO2, N2, H2, N2O and SO2 and their utilization as synthetic building blocks
Duration: 2017-2020 | Dr. Fabian Dielmann [de]

Genetic reconfigurations en route to a holoparasitic lifestyle in plants
Duration: 2017-2020 | Dr. Susann Wicke

Dynamic respiratory regulation in plant mitochondria
Duration: 2017-2019 | Prof. Dr. Markus Schwarzländer

Controlling the dynamics of active colloidal liquid crystals by external fields
Duration: 2016-2021 | JProf. Dr. Raphael Wittkowski

Latitudinal patterns in Plant Evolution
Duration: 2016-2020 | Dr. Benjamin Bomfleur

Sofja Kovalevskaja Award (Alexander von Humboldt Foundation)

How did it all begin?
Duration: 2019-2024 | Dr. Ottaviano Ruesch at the Institute for Planetology at Münster University

Erstellung einer Palingenesie der Römischen Senatsbeschlüsse im Rahmen einer Nachwuchsfördergruppe
Duration: 2014-2019 | Prof. Dr. Pierangelo Buongiorno und Prof. Sebastian Lohsse [de]

The elements of existence: Understanding the astrophysical and earliest formation period of the solar system
Duration: 2014-2019 | Dr. Gregory Adam Brennecka und Prof. Thorsten Kleine

Junior Research Groups / Return Program of North Rhine-Westphalia

DemoRESILdigital- Demokratic resilience in times of online-propaganda, fake news, fear- and hate speech | Dr. Lena Frischlich

Integrated Quantum Photonics on Silicon Chips | Jun.-Prof. Carsten Schuck