Wi-Fi at Münster University

Münster University offers a widely spread Wi-Fi in most of the university`s facilities, including cafeterias. About 660 access points provide extensive coverage which is constantly being extended. The latest development: special access points in the ambient areas, e.g. at the Aa-meadows between Fürstenberghaus and Juridicum. The WLAN name (SSID) is wwu or eduroam. A secure and bug-proof access is ensured by the authentication via 802.1X and WPA2-encryption. The only things needed is a WLAN enabled device (Laptop, PDA, mobile phone) and a set password for network access.
Setup manual.

Wi-Fi for guests or conferences at Münster University - eduroam

Visitors or conference participants can also access the Wi-Fi of the WWU as long as their home institution takes part in the eduroam project.

Wi-Fi for guests or conferences at Münster University - GuestonCampus

Guests or conference participants whose institutions are not participating in the eduroam project can dial in via the open Wi-Fi GuestOnCampus.
Manuals for GuestOnCampus you can find here.
More information about the Wi-Fi for conferences you can find here.

Wi-Fi at other universites - eduroam

Students and employees of Münster University are entitled to access networks of eduroam members. Usually the SSID is “eduroam” and the authentication is similar to “uni-ms” via 802.1X. If you have to log-in through a web interface, you have to use "userID@uni-muenster.de" and your password for network access. You can find further information and a listing of the eduroam members on the eduroam webseite  or at DFN.