Wi-Fi at Münster University

Münster University offers a widely spread Wi-Fi in most of the university's facilities, including cafeterias. The WLAN name (SSID) is "wwu". A secure and bug-proof access is ensured by the authentication via 802.1X and WPA2-encryption. The only things needed is a WLAN enabled device (Laptop, PDA, mobile phone) and a set password for network access.
Setup manual.

Wi-Fi at other universites - eduroam

Students and employees of Münster University are entitled to access networks of eduroam members. Usually the SSID is "eduroam" and the authentication is  via 802.1X. If you have to log-in through a web interface, you have to use "userID@uni-muenster.de" and your password for network access. You can find further information and a listing of the eduroam members on the eduroam webseite.

Wi-Fi for guests - eduroam

Visitors or conference participants can also access the Wi-Fi of the WWU as long as their home institution takes part in the eduroam project.

Wi-Fi for guests or conferences at Münster University - GuestOnCampus

Guests or conference participants whose institutions are not participating in the eduroam project can use the open Wi-Fi "GuestOnCampus".
Each user has access to 1 GB of data volume per device and day. [For guests of the Department of Medicine, a similar service is available, called "UKM Gast". Since "UKM Gast" is not a WWU but a UKM service, questions or comments can only be answered by the UKM's IT department [de].]