Setting up Wi-Fi under macOS

Specific Requirements:

  • You have installed an up-to-date version of OS X.
  • To use the WLAN of Münster University, a profile is required. Otherwise it is not possible to do the setup correctly. (Specifically, this is about the definition of the "external identity".)

Note: To download the profile, you can use our guest WiFi GuestOnCampus.

  • Detailed Instructions

    1. Download the Profile

    Activate WiFi on your Mac. Download the WiFi profile for the wwu (or eduroam) network.

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    2. Install Profile

    Open the profile by double-clicking and then click "Continue".

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    3. Install Profile

    Click "Continue".

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    4. Enter Your of User Data

    Enter your university e-mail address ( and your network access password. Confirm the entries with "Install".

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    5. Authentication

     Enter the password you use on your Mac and click "OK".

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    6. Establish Connection

    Now you can connect to the network "wwu" (or "eduroam").

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