Setting up WiFi under Linux

Note: To download the certificate, you can use our guest WiFi GuestOnCampus.

  • A. Ubuntu 18.04

    1. Select Network

    Open the status menu in the upper right corner. Choose the option "WiFi Not Connected" and click on "Select Network".

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    The available networks are shown. Choose "wwu" and click "Connect".

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    2. WiFi Security Settings

    Download the required certificate and apply the following settings in the window for authentication of the wireless network:

    WiFi Security: WPA- & WPA2-Enterprise
    Authentication: Tunneled TLS
    Anonymous Identity:
    CA-Zertifikat: rootca.cer or T_TeleSec_GlobalRoot_Class_2.crt
    Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2 (kein EAP)
    Username: Your WWU ID
    Password: Your network access password

    Afterwards, please click "Connect" to save your settings.

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    3. Completing the Configuration

    After you have established the WiFi connection, you can see the signal strength in the status menu. Click on the settings symbol. Under "Details" deactivate the option "Make available to other users" and click "Apply".

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