Sending and receiving big files

Sending e-mail attachements containing files that are as large as several MB is often a problem. We offer you the following solution for this case:

1. Receiving big files by senders outside the WWU

Many e-mail providers constrict the maximum size of sendable files to a few MB. Most of the time this is insufficient for sending high-definition graphics, video files or presentations. Therefore we have developed BigMail. On the BigMail page, you will find an input box by which you can upload files of up to 512 MB in size to a central server. The receivers will get an e-mail with a randomly generated, practically unguessable link, from which they can then download the files. It is made safe this way that nobody else has got access to these files.

2. Sending big files from a university address

The maximum size of an e-mail including attachements is mainly dependend of the receiving servers constraints. If the e-mail's size exceeds this limit, which most providers set at 5 to 10 MB, the e-mail is rejected. For receiving addresses of the type this limit is set at approximately 18 MB. For larger files you can use our regular webmailing programm perMail without any difficulties. It switches to deposit automatically, i.e. exactly as in the procedure described above the receiver will get an e-mail containing a download link. The maximum size of 512 MB also applies here.