Bachelor's programmes at the Faculty of Philology

The following overview presents the bachelor's programmes currently offered at the Faculty of Philology. For detailed information about the individual programmes, click the corresponding links.
Explanations and information

Explanations and information

ZFB  = Two-subject bachelor’s programme (polyvalent degree programme with an academic-theoretical focus, or degree programme for secondary school education (Gymnasium/Gesamtschule) or vocational college education with two General Education subjects. When completed, students receive a "Bachelor of Arts" degree, and those who major in two Natural Scientific subjects receive a "Bachelor of Science" degree.)
BA(G) = Bachelor of Primary School Education
BA(HRSGe) = Bachelor of Secondary School Education
BA(BK) = Bachelor of Vocational College Education with one General Education subject and a professional qualification subject (degree programme offered together with the Münster University of Applied Sciences)
BA(sF) = Bachelor für das Lehramt für sonderpädagogische Förderung
* This subject of study is not a school subject and does not result in the conferral of a teaching degree.

A note to candidates pursuing a teaching degree: There are two different bachelor's degrees, the BA(G) and the BA(HRSGe), which either entitles the holder to teach at German primary school or at secondary school. If you wish to earn your secondary-school teaching degree for Gymnasium or Gesamtschule, you must choose a two-subject bachelor's degree (ZFB) which can lead to a teaching degree (but need not necessarily). Please note that the subject name in a two-subject bachelor’s programme may occasionally differ from the name of the teaching subject (for example, English Studies/American Studies for "English"). There are two different teaching degrees for vocational college education. You can choose to study two teaching subjects at the University of Münster, for which you must complete a two-subject bachelor's programme. Otherwise, you can combine one teaching subject with a professional qualification subject (offered exclusively at the Münster University of Applied Sciences). In this case – and only in this case – can you earn a BA(BK) degree. If you would like to work as a teacher of special needs education later on, you will first study the BA(sF) at the University of Münster. For further information about teaching degree programmes at the University of Münster, click at the web page of Zentrale Studienberatung (in German only).

Last updated: 24.04.2023