Dean's Office and Faculty administration

Dean's Office

Prof. Dr.  Eric Achermann
Prof. Dr. Eric Achermann
Dean, Head of Faculty
Institute of German Language and Literature
T: +49 251 83-24408
Consultation hours: Monday and Thursday 1-2 pm (only after registration by email)
Prof. Dr.  Klaus Stierstorfer
Prof. Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer
Vice-Dean for Research, Deputy Head of Faculty
English Department
T: +49 251 83-24291
Prof. Dr.  Syrinx von Hees
Prof. Dr. Syrinx von Hees
Vice-Dean for Career Development
Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies
T: +49 251 83-24872
Prof. Dr.  Tobias Leuker
Prof. Dr. Tobias Leuker
Vice-Dean for Teaching and Student Affairs (Dean of Studies)
Department of Romance Studies
T: +49 251 83-21189
Prof. Dr.  Silvia Reuvekamp
Prof. Dr. Silvia Reuvekamp
Vice-Dean for Digitalization and Development of New Teaching Formats
Institute of German Language and Literature
T: +49 251 83-25499

Faculty administration

Editha Chitruszko
Editha Chitruszko
Administrative staff
T: +49 251 83-24510
Judith  Wichmann
Judith Wichmann
Administrative staff
T: +49 251 83-24578
Office hours: Mon., Wed., Thur.
Annalena Wasiri
Annalena Wasiri
Administrative staff
T: +49 251 83-29865
Consultation hours: Tue.-Thur.
Melanie Brünken
Melanie Brünken
Administrative staff
T: +49 251 83-29822
Verena Schulz
Verena Schulz
T: +49 251 83-29821
Office hours: Mon.-Thur.

Planning and communication

Dipl.-Soz.  Marc Brondies
Dipl.-Soz. Marc Brondies
Evaluation and quality assurance manager
T: +49 251 83-29824
Dr.  Monique Nagel-Angermann
Dr. Monique Nagel-Angermann
Student affairs manager
T: +49 251 83-29823
Office hours: Mon.-Thur. (Consultation hours: by appointment)
Anna  Wassum  M.A.
Anna Wassum M.A.
Science communication manager
T: +49 251 83-24579
Dr.  Anna  Thiemann
Dr. Anna Thiemann
Research development manager
T: +49 251 83-24439

Representative responsible for the Implementation of the Campus Management System

Dr. Anne  Rolfes
Dr. Anne Rolfes
Representative of the Faculty responsible for
the Implementation of the Campus Management System

T: +49 251 83-24524