Certificates and certification courses

Greater China Certificate [de]

Obtaining the Greater China Certificate proves that you have acquired in-depth knowledge of the Chinese cultural and linguistic area. Students of all subjects are welcome to acquire the Greater China Certificate.

Study India Certificate

The Study India Certificate offers students the opportunity to specialise in the area of Indian culture, history, language, literature and society.

"Digital Humanities" certificate [de]

The "Digital Humanities" certificate enables students in faculties 01, 02, 08, 09 and 10 at the University of Münster to develop practical skills in the field of digital humanities.

Certificate "Islamic Cultures" [de]

With the "Islamic Cultures" certificate, students of all disciplines can acquire basic knowledge in the fields of regional studies, society, history, religion, law and literature of the Islamic world.

"Islamic Law" certificate [de]

The certification course "Islamic Law" is targeted at students in unrelated disciplines who would like to gain insight into the fundamentals of Islamic Law.

"North American Studies" certificate

The Interdisciplinary Certificate "North American Studies" at the University of Münster offers students the unique opportunity to create and document a special emphasis on multi- and interdisciplinary approaches to studying North America.