The Cells in Motion (CiM) Interfaculty Centre brings together and supports researchers from medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, mathematics, computer science and physics who join forces to work on a big topic: They investigate how cells behave in organisms. To this end, they employ and develop innovative imaging methods. Our interdisciplinary subject area "cell dynamics and imaging" is a research focus at the University of Münster.

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Targeting systemic inflammation: Clinical Research Unit receives further funding

The German Research Foundation (DFG) is providing funding amounting to 4.8 million euros over three years for the continuation of the Clinical Research Unit entitled “Organ Dysfunction during Systemic Inflammation” (CRU 342) at Münster University. The network has been investigating systemic infammation since 2020.

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“Not many natural scientists can offer the combination of basic research and clinically oriented research.”

Through the “InFlame” Medical Scientist Programme, eleven postdocs from biology, chemistry and computer science are undergoing specialist training for natural scientists in medical research. In this interview, programme spokesperson Prof. Dr Petra Dersch talks about the important role of medical scientists, their career prospects and the contents of the career programme.

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Microscopy seminars starting in March!

In a seminar series held from March to July, our Imaging Network team provides an introduction into different instruments and methods for fluorescence microscopy.