The Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre (CiM) brings together and supports researchers from medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, mathematics, computer science and physics who join forces to work on a big topic: They investigate how cells behave in organisms. To this end, they employ and develop innovative imaging methods. Our interdisciplinary subject area "cell dynamics and imaging" is a research focus at the University of Münster.

© Isasti-Sanchez et al./Dev Cell 2021

Junctions between three cells serve as gateways for the transport of substances

A team headed by developmental biologist Prof Dr Stefan Luschnig from the University of Münster has discovered that during egg development in fruit flies, intercellular gaps open between epithelial cells in a controlled way at the points where three cells meet. This process allows yolk proteins to be transported into the egg cell. The study has been published in the journal “Developmental Cell”.