The Cells in Motion (CiM) Interfaculty Centre brings together and supports researchers from medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, mathematics, computer science and physics who join forces to work on a big topic: They investigate how cells behave in organisms. To this end, they employ and develop innovative imaging methods. Our interfaculty network is the centrepiece of the University of Münster’s research focus in “cell dynamics, inflammation and imaging”.

CRC-TRR 332 / CiM
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Video series provides insights into working worlds in life science research

In a three-part video series by the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 332 “Neutrophils”, doctoral students, postdocs, lab technicians and professors share some impressions from their professional lives. Among other things, they highlight the joy of interacting with colleagues, talk about the interplay between research and patient care, and open up about balancing work and family life.

© Marc Wolf / Roth lab, Institute of Immunology, Münster

4th Inflammation & Imaging Symposium: Register by 25th August!

From 9 to 11 September, scientists from the University of Münster and their international guests will be meeting in Münster to discuss the latest developments in research on inflammation and the imaging of the immune system. The conference is jointly organised by several research networks from our University that are closely interlinked through shared subject matter.


18th CiM-IMPRS Graduate School Meeting | Registration is open!

The doctoral researchers from our graduate programme cordially invite you to join their conference taking place from 9 to 11 October. They have invited speakers from across the globe and will also present their own research. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the graduate programme, some alumni will also be among the speakers.

Pilot projects: Apply now!

In interdisciplinary teams, doctoral researchers and postdocs can now apply for funding for their first own research projects. Application deadline: 31 August 2024