The Cells in Motion (CiM) Interfaculty Centre brings together and supports researchers from medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, mathematics, computer science and physics who join forces to work on a big topic: They investigate how cells behave in organisms. To this end, they employ and develop innovative imaging methods. Our interfaculty network is the centrepiece of the University of Münster’s research focus in “cell dynamics, inflammation and imaging”.

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Pilot projects: Apply now!

In interdisciplinary teams, doctoral students and postdocs can now apply for funding for their first own research projects. (Application deadline: 29 February 2024)

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Microscopes: Looking deep into hidden worlds

Microscopes make it possible to take ever deeper and more precise looks at the smallest of details, and in ever higher resolutions. This article looks at some of the techniques used by researchers at the University of Münster including, among others, high-performance cryogenic electron microscopy available at Prof. Christos Gatsogiannis’ lab, three-photon microscopy used by Prof. Friedemann Kiefer’s group, and insights into confocal laser scanning microscopy provided by Prof. Stefan Luschnig’s group.