Cells in Motion Highlights Symposium

© CiM/B. Risse, N. Otto, D. Berh, X. Jiang, C. Klämbt

During a symposium on 2 September, our scientists will present their innovative approaches and exciting research findings in the interdisciplinary field of cell dynamics and imaging. In the following ceremonial programme, members and longstanding supporters of our Cluster will share their personal "Cells in Motion moments" and will introduce the new directions for the future.

Pictures: Münster's knowledge freshly tapped

© WWU/Jean-Marie Tronquet

From 1 to 3 July, anyone interested could "tap" the knowledge of researchers from the University of Münster: Twelve scientists were talking about interesting and new issues from various fields of research – in bars and pubs. The event has been initiated and is organised by junior scientists from the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence.