The image motif of our conference in 2023: Murine bone marrow-derived neutrophils (pink) forming neutrophil extracellular trap (NET)-like structures around incorporated bacteria (Yersinia pseudotuberculosis, blue) in vitro – confocal microscopy.
© Ann-Katrin Wienkamp / Rossaint Lab, UKM Anesthesiology

3rd Inflammation & Imaging Symposium

Münster, Germany | 11–13 September 2023

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At our annual Inflammation & Imaging Symposium scientists from the University of Münster and their international guests meet in Münster to discuss the latest developments in research on inflammation and the imaging of the immune system.

The conference is jointly organised by several research networks from our University that are closely interlinked through shared subject matter. This year, the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) 342 “Organ Dysfunction During Systemic Inflammation” takes the lead. Co-organisers: CRC 1009 “Breaking Barriers”, CRC 1450 “inSight”, CRC/TRR 128 “Multiple Sclerosis”, CRC/TRR 332 “Neutrophils”, Medical Scientist Programme “InFlame”, Clinician Scientist Programme “CareerS”, Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre