Picture of people serving themselves at a buffet with sandwiches and fruit
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Brown-Bag Lunch: New Horizons in Experimental Medicine

For junior researchers by junior researchers!

In an informal atmosphere, junior researchers present their current projects and exchange ideas with colleagues from different disciplines while having sandwiches and fruit. Further topics include information and tips on funding opportunities and scientific careers. The "brown-bag" – the bag used for a packed lunch – stands as a symbol for this lunchtime meeting. The relaxed setting should encourage lively discussions and creative thought-provoking impulses, and it should enable participants to make contacts for joint projects. Everybody interested is welcome to come! Lunch is for free.

Topics and Dates

On Thursdays 12:00 to 13:00
Our meetings are currently held online via Zoom. However, we are looking forward to having an inspiring time in a relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to enjoy your lunch during the meeting! Please request a password early enough for the sessions you would like to attend (at cim@uni-muenster.de giving your name and institution).

Present your research! If you would like to use the chance to present your work in a friendly atmosphere, please contact us.

Date, time and place Topics and speakers
30.06.2022 Understanding heart valve formation at single cell level: lessons from zebrafish
Felix Gunawan, biologist, Institute of Cell Biology
07.07.2022 The role of site-specific ubiquitination of the Influenza A virus polymerase
Franziska Günl, biologist, Institute of Molecular Virology
14.07.2022 Reconstruction of the hair follicle stem cell niche
Leah Biggs, biologist, Department of Cell and Tissue Dynamics, MPI Münster
Semester break! We are looking forward to meeting you all in person in October in the new MIC building