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Brown-Bag Lunch: New Horizons in Experimental Medicine

Open network forum for young researchers by young researchers

Young researchers present their work to an interdisciplinary audience while having meal served in a 'brown-bag'.

Present your research!

If you would like to use the chance to present your work in a friendly atmosphere, please contact Dr. Sebastian Rumpf.

The best ideas come in discussions with others!

The university magazine living|knowledge reports about how the Brown-Bag Lunch brings together scientists in basic and clinical research. more (German)

Topics and Dates

On Thursdays 12:00 to 13:00 at the University Hospital Münster (Ebene 05 Ost, Konferenzraum 403). Lunch in a 'brown-bag' is for free and no application necessary.

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12.04.2018 The vertebrate protein Dead End protects zebrafish primordial germ cell fate
Theresa Groß-Thebing, biologist, Institute of Cell Biology
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19.04.2018 Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of GluN2B NMDA receptor modulators
Louisa Temme, pharmacist , Institute of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry
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03.05.2018 Late endosomal cholesterol accumulation and influenza A virus host cell entry
Alexander Kühnl, biochemist, Institute of Medical Biochemistry
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17.05.2018 Killing two birds with one stone – a MEK-inhibitor blocks influenza and bacteria
Christin Bruchhagen, biologist, Institute of Molecular Virology
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07.06.2018 Computer vision in the wild: Animal tracking and mapping of natural environments
Benjamin Risse, computer scientist, Institute of Computer Science
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14.06.2018 Role of the coagulation system during CNS inflammation
Susann Eichler, biologist, Institute of Translational Neurology
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21.06.2018 Targeting of ganglioside GD2 by chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-engineered T cells
Sareetha Kailayangiri, biologist, Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology
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28.06.2018 Piconewton-sensitive biosensors to investigate molecular forces in cells
Carsten Grashoff, biologist, Institute of Molecular Cell Biology
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05.07.2018 The heparansulfate-proteoglycan Syndecan-1 in bone metabolism
Melanie Timmen, biologist, Institute of Musculoskeletal Medicine
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12.07.2018 Role of TASK1 channel in oligodendroglial cells
Luise Nowack, biologist, Institute of Neuropathology
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