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Pioneers Lecture: Cell Dynamics and Imaging

Renowned scientists from across the globe visit us in Münster. They present their most recent advances in basic and clinical research and discuss innovative research ideas in the field "cell dynamics and imaging" with us.

The Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre organises the event in cooperation with collaborative research projects at our University.

  • Topics and dates

    On Mondays, 5:15 to 6:15 p.m.
    (The event is scheduled usually on the first Monday of the month.)

    Corona – current note: In order to have planning security in times of Corona, our meetings are currently held online via Zoom. We are happy that this will provide colleagues across the globe the opportunity to participate as an audience – please pass on this warm invitation to everyone interested! Please request the login data early enough for the sessions you would like to attend (via cim@uni-muenster.de indicating your name and institution).

    Winter term 2020/2021

    07.09.2020 to be announced
    05.10.2020 to be announced
    02.11.2020 to be announced
    07.12.2020 to be announced
    11.01.2021 to be announced
    01.02.2021 to be announced
    01.03.2021 blocked