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Broaden Your Horizons!

The Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence brings together researchers from very different disciplines. This diversity enormously boosts scientific creativity. Numerous events offer scientists opportunities to broaden their horizons beyond the boundaries of specialised fields and to develop innovative ideas. To put these ideas into practice, interdisciplinary teams can apply for project funding.

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Network Internationally!

Excellent research needs excellent minds from all over the world. CiM enables junior scientists to take part in specialized research training at international institutions. In addition, promising young researchers from across the globe come to Münster to begin their careers in the Graduate School. Internationally renowned researchers are regular guests of the Cluster of Excellence, where they are speakers at symposiums and lectures, partners in research collaborations, or strategic advisers.

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Equal Opportunities

The Cluster of Excellence helps researchers make it easier to combine having a family with a career in research. Furthermore, the Cluster has programmes devoted to the career development of female researchers, as women remain under-represented in leading positions in the scientific world.

News & Views
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Career Stories from the Cluster

From undergraduates to doctoral students and postdocs to professors: We report how scientists profit from the supportive measures offered by the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence.

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