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“The idea becomes reality.”

Since the “go-ahead” for the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence, announced in 2012, CiM has sparked many changes at the University of Münster. The Coordinators of the Cluster, Prof. Lydia Sorokin, Prof. Volker Gerke and Prof. Michael Schäfers, provide insights into some of these achievements.

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Cells in Motion

The dynamic interactions of cells in organisms determine whether or not we are healthy. Scientists at the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence (CiM) aim to better understand how different cells behave in tissues and organs, and how this changes in pathological conditions. In innovative research projects the scientists investigate interdisciplinary questions; they publish their results in numerous publications.

Research Strategy

Biomedical imaging is a bridging strategy in the Cells-in-Motion Cluster of Excellence. CiM has augmented the imaging infrastructure at the University of Münster, and the scientists develop new image-based approaches to analyse the interplay of cells in the body. In doing so, they go beyond the boundaries of their own specialised fields and work together in interdisciplinary teams. One of the main aims of the Cluster of Excellence is to promote the transfer of basic research findings to clinical applications.

The latest
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Research Snippets

CiM scientists develop many interesting research ideas and put them into practice. We present recent issues and findings.