Picture of people working together with different imaging modalities in a laboratory
Lab work with imaging modalities from microscopy to whole-body imaging (composite photograph)
© Uni MS/Erk Wibberg

Welcome to our Imaging Network!

Sharing research infrastructure

We promote and support the joint use and sustainable further development of biomedical imaging technologies at the University of Münster. All scientists at our University can use and make available equipment, methods and expertise through our network. Our offers are also open to external users.

Our Imaging Network is a cooperation network of the Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre. This central scientific institution at our University promotes and supports cooperation among scientists in the fields of cell dynamics and imaging across working groups and faculties.

Our network includes a microscopy branch and a preclinical imaging branch. The latter is currently being established and in this area, the Core Unit "Preclinical Imaging eXperts" of the Medical Faculty already offers opportunities for cooperation and support. Via our Imaging Network, we will further link the entire spectrum of biomedical imaging at our University. Working groups from different faculties also bring together a core of the wide-ranging imaging infrastructure in a spatial sense – in the Multiscale Imaging Centre, which is the central research building of our network.