Flow Cytometry

  • Beckman Coulter Cell-Sorter (MoFlo XDP)

    Location: Department of Dermatology, Experimental Dermatology and Immunobiology of the Skin
    Group: AG Loser
    Contact Person: Karin Loser
    Tel.: 0251 83-52953, loserk@uni-muenster.de

    Applications & Info:

    • FACS-based cell sorting
    • single cell sorting
  • © CiM

    Beckmann Dickinson FACS ARIA Fusion

    Location: Multiscale Imaging Centre c/o Institute of Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry, Waldeyerstraße 15
    Group: AG Sorokin
    Contact person: Sophie Loismann
     Tel.: 0251 83-55583, loismann@uni-muenster.de

    Application & info: 

    • FACS-based cell sorting
    • single cell sorting
    • Please note: This is not a sorting service, rather it is access to a FACs sorter. Users of the instrument must have an established sorting strategy with required antibodies, and must be familiar with FACs technology and analyses of the data. A short introduction to the instrument will be provided but no further support is possible.
  • Becton Dickinson FACS Aria IIIu

    Location: Institute for Molecular Tumor Biology, Robert-Koch-Str. 43
    Group: AG Rosenbauer
    Contact Person: Thorsten König
    Tel.: 0251 83-52481, thorsten.koenig@ukmuenster.de

    Applications & Info:


    • high speed flow cytometric cell sorting device
  • CiM-funded

    ImageStreamX mkII

    Location: Institute of Immunology, Röntgenstraße 21
    Group: AG Roth
    Contact Person: Achmet Imam Chasa
    Tel.: 0251 83-52942, aimam@uni-muenster.de

    Applications & Info:

    • The ImageStreamX is a functional combination of a flow cytometer and a fluorescence microscope.
    • It unites the possibility of high throughput data acquisition of flow cytometry with morphological information obtained by microscopy.
    • Therefore it is possible to even analyse rare subpopulations of cells for certain expression patterns of target proteins and perform statistical data analyses.
    • Examples of possible assays: Transcription factor translocation into nucleus upon cell stimulation; Phagocytosis/endocytosis assay with analysis of subcellular localisation; Protein-protein interaction/co-localisation studies; Cell-cell binding/interactions (APC/T-Cell)
  • © UKM - Neurology

    10-colour flow cytometer, Gallios, Beckman Coulter

    Location: Neurology, c/o ICB, Mendelstr. 7
    Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Nicholas Schwab
    Tel.: 0251 980-2885, nicholas.schwab@ukmuenster.de

    Applications & Info:

    • detailed phenotypisation of single cells
    • functional assays with single-cell based readout