Our research focuses on the question of how the body regulates inflammation and fights off infections. Our collective strategy is to use and develop innovative imaging methods for studying molecular and cellular mechanisms that may provide a basis for novel diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive strategies.
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Inflammation & Imaging Lecture

A joint lecture series by the Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) 1009 and 1450, and the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) 342

Dear members and friends of our research networks,
dear colleagues,

Our three scientific networks are closely intertwined by our shared subject matter and researchers. With our joint lecture series, presented under the umbrella of the Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre, we are seeking to combine our forces, exchange ideas with international colleagues and our community in Münster, and together further develop our research strengths with their focus on “dynamics and imaging of inflammation and infection”.

We look forward to exciting research findings, productive discussions and discovering new synergies!

Prof Johannes Roth MD
CRC 1009 “Breaking Barriers – Immune cells and pathogens at cell/matrix barriers”

Prof Michael Schäfers MD and Prof Friedemann Kiefer PhD
CRC 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”

Prof Alexander Zarbock MD and Prof Jan Rossaint MD
CRU 342 “Organ dysfunction during systemic inflammation”

Topics and dates

We meet twice a month. On the 2nd Monday of the month, we invite renowned international colleagues to present their most recent research results in Münster (invited talks). On the 4th Monday of the month, members of our networks present results from their individual projects and high-potential research concepts across scientific disciplines and networks (flashlight talks).

Everyone interested is welcome! If you do not already have access to our flashlight talks via our CRCs or CRU, please get in touch with us at inflammation.imaging@uni-muenster.de giving your name and institution.

On Mondays, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. (CET)
Our meetings are currently held online via Zoom.

Dates Topics and Speakers
22.08.2022 Flashlight talks
  • How to build tight contacts between three cells - Molecular organization of tricellular occluding junctions in Drosophila epithelia (CRC 1009 project A04)
    Raphael Schleutker, Institute for Neurobiology
  • Yersinia pseudotuberculosis is a modulator of neutrophil effector functions (CRC 1450 project C07)
    Ann-Katrin Wienkamp, Department of Anaesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine
  • CRC 1450 project C02
12.-14.09.2022 2nd Inflammation and Imaging Symposium
Location: Multiscale Imaging Centre, Münster
26.09.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1450 project B02
CRC 1450 project C05
CRC 1009 project B10
(details to be announced)
17.10.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
Host: CRC 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”
24.10.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1450 project A03

CRC 1009 project A09
(details to be announced)
14.11.2022 Invited talk
Mia Phillipson, Uppsala University, Sweden
Host: CRU 342 “Organ dysfunction during systemic inflammation”
28.11.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1009 project A10
CRC 1009 project A05
CRC 1450 project B05
(details to be announced)
12.12.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
Host: CRC 1009 “Breaking Barriers – Immune cells and pathogens at cell/matrix barriers”
19.12.2022 Flashlight talks
(to be announced)


  • Previous topics and dates

    Dates Topics and Speakers
    20.06.2022 Flashlight talks
    • The role of VE-PTP in Schlemms canal function (CRC 1009 project A01)
      Sarthak Mishra, Max Planck Institute Molecular Biomedicine
    • The role of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs) in arthritis (CRC 1450 project C03)
      Thomas Vogl, Institute of Immunology
    • Analysis of the S100A9-N70A mutation in mice (CRC 1009 project B08)
      Jonas Petersen, Institute of Immunology
    13.06.2022 Regulation of stem cell fate and integrity by mechanical forces
    Sara A. Wickström, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine Münster
    Host: CRC 1009 “Breaking Barriers – Immune cells and pathogens at cell/matrix barriers”

    Flashlight talks

    • Towards the assessment of endothelial permeability through self-assembled BODIPY nanostructures (CRC 1450 project B01)
      Jonas Matern, Institute for Organic Chemistry, WWU
    • The gut-skin axis - how microbiota shape cutaneous immunity (CRC 1009 project B11)
      Verena K. Raker, Department of Dermatology, UKM
    • Specific PET-imaging of bacterial infections - complex carbohydrates and glycosylated siderophores (CRC 1450 project A04)
      Andreas Faust, European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI), UKM
      Silke Niemann, Institute of Medical Microbiology, UKM
    09.05.2022 Atypical Chemokine Receptor 4? What is a nice receptor like you doing in places like these?
    Antal Rot, Queen Mary University of London, UK
    Host: Friedemann Kiefer, CRC 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”
    25.04.2022 Flashlight talks
    • Improving intravital microscopy of inflammatory cell response by active motion compensation with controlled adaptive optics (CRC 1450 project A06)
      Benedikt Wirth, Institute for Applied Mathematics, WWU
      Thomas Huser, Physics Faculty, Bielefeld University
    • Jupyterhub - A data science platform for visualization and analysis (CRC 1450 project INF)
      Jonathan Radas, WWU IT
    • Biased perspectives on formyl peptide receptors (CRC 1009 project A06)
      Ursula Rescher, Institute of Medical Biochemistry, WWU
    28.03.2022 Flashlight talks
    • Chromatin remodeling in immune tolerance of monocytes (CRC 1009 project B09)
      Judith Austermann, Institute of Immunology
    • Metabolic priming of monocytes during inflammation in vivo (CRC 1450 project C01)
      Nadine Heiden, Department of Nuclear Medicine & European Institute for Molecular Imaging
      Ricarda Jürgens, Institute of Immunology
    • Dynamic imaging and molecular mechanisms of myeloid cell infiltration into the inflamed peritoneum (CRC 1450 project C04)
      Jian Song, Institute of Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry
    14.03.2022 Infection in human lung explants and organoids
    Andreas C. Hocke, Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin
    Host: Linda Brunotte, CRU 342 “Organ dysfunction during systemic inflammation”
    21.02.2022 Flashlight talks
    • The bacterial secreted combinome: Synergistic host injury by exotoxins of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (CRC 1009 project B04) Alexander Kehl, Institute of Hygiene
    • PET reconstruction models for targeting immune cells (CRC 1450 project A05) Marco Mauritz, Institute for Analysis and Numerics
    • Interactive and computational analysis of large multiscale imaging data (CRC 1450 project Z01) Adrian Derstroff, Dominik Drees, Simon Leistikow, Department of Computer Science
    14.02.2022 Targeting pattern recognition for immunotherapy of cancer
    Mikael Karlsson, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
    Host: Noelia Alonso Gonzalez, CRC 1009 “Breaking Barriers – Immune cells and pathogens at cell/matrix barriers”

    Flashlight talks

    • Interactions of perivascular macrophages with endothelial barriers in the lymphoid organs (CRC 1009 project A12) Noelia Alonso Gonzalez, Institute of Immunology
    • Myeloid contribution to autoimmunity: intervention strategies (CRC 1450 project C06) Verena Raker, Department of Dermatology
    • Effects of the alarmin S100A8/A9 on the platelet and neutrophil response during pulmonary inflammation (CRU 342 project P5) Julian Revenstorff, Institute of Immunology
    10.01.2022 Polymeric nanocapsules for imaging inflammation
    Katharina Landfester, Mainz
    Host: CRC 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”
    20.12.2021 Flashlight talks
    • Enhanced pathogenicity of Th17 cells due to natalizumab treatment-implications for MS disease rebound (CRC 1009 project A03)
      Luisa Klotz, Department of Neurology
    • Cell-specific labeling of immune cells using bioorthogonal tagging (CRC 1450 project A01)
      Henning Mootz, Institute of Biochemistry
      Andrea Rentmeister, Institute of Biochemistry
    • Csk strengthens endothelial barrier functions (CRU 342 project P2)
      Rebekka Stegmeyer, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine - Vascular Cell Biology
    13.12.2021 Total Body PET/CT: performances, first experiences and research opportunities
    Ronald Boellaard, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Host: Michael Schäfers, CRC 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”
    22.11.2021 Flashlight talks
    • Time-lapse MRI: single cell tracking of patrolling immune cells (CRC 1009 project Z02)
      Enrica Wilken, TRIC, Clinic of Radiology
    • RANK/RANKL signaling and its impact on skin barrier integrity in response to external stimuli (CRC 1009 project B07)
      Karin Loser, Institute for Immunology (Oldenburg)
    • The role of glutamine in acute kidney injury (CRU 342 project P8)
      Katharina Thomas, Department of Anaesthesiology
      Daniel Hescheler, Department of Nuclear Medicine
    08.11.2021 The immunopathology of sepsis and a sneak preview of future therapeutic strategies
    Tom van der Poll, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Host: CRC 1009 “Breaking Barriers – Immune cells and pathogens at cell/matrix barriers”
    02.-04.11.2021 1st Inflammation & Imaging Symposium
    25.10.2021 Flashlight talks
    • One more thing on hypoxia imaging and analysis (CRC 1450 project B04)
      Friedemann Kiefer, European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI)
      Benjamin Risse, Institute of Computer Science
    • Mechanical and biochemical signals from the endothelial basement membrane that affect leukocyte extravasation
      (CRC 1009 project A02)
      Adán Olguin-Olguin, Institute of Physiological Chemistry and Pathobiochemistry
    • Effects of albumin on endothelial S1P signaling in sepsis (CRU 342 project PP1)
      Alexandros Rovas, Medical Clinic D
    27.09.2021 Flashlight talks
    • Myeloid differentiation and the regulation of systemic inflammatory processes (CRU 342 project P3)
      Katarzyna Barczyk-Kahlert, Institute of Immunology
    • Cellular changes under experimental septic conditions (CRU 342 project P4)
      Kari vom Werth, Institute of Hygiene
    • Differential modulation of host gene expression by uropathogenic Escherichia coli (CRC 1009 project B05)
      Ulrich Dobrindt, Institute of Hygiene
    23.08.2021 Flashlight talks
    • Role of the CNFY toxin for Yersinia pseudotuberculosis-mediated inflammation (CRC 1009 project B12)
      Petra Dersch, Institute of Infectiology
    • Photofunctional coordination compounds addressing bacterial targets (CRC 1450 project A02)
      Cristian Strassert, Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
    28.06.2021 Flashlight talks
    • New light on old buddys: Facts, effects and mechanisms of the sepsis biomarker procalcitonin (CRU 342 project P1)
      Nana-Maria Wagner, Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
    • Phagocyte tolerance in systemic inflammation (CRU 342 project Z)
      Johannes Roth, Institute of Immunology
    • Global kinase activity profiling of THP1-macrophages after treatment with the bacterial cell-penetrating effector protein IpaH7.8 (CRC 1009 project B03)
      Ivan Ngueya Yango, Institute of Infectiology
    14.06.2021 Neutrophil breaching of venular endothelium: Mechanisms and consequences of 2-way trafficking
    Sussan Nourshargh, Queen Mary University of London, London
    Host: CRU 342 “Organ dysfunction during systemic inflammation”
    31.05.2021 Flashlight talks
    • Plasticity of the leukocyte transmigration route in different tissues (CRC 1450 project B03)
      Min Xia, Department of Vascular Cell Biology, MPI Münster
    • Signal transduction inhibitors for anti-infective therapy (CRC 1009 project B02)
      Stephan Ludwig, Institute of Molecular Virology
    • Therapeutic potential of repurposed MAPK p38 inhibitors against COVID-19 (CRU 342 project P6)
      Linda Brunotte, Institute of Molecular Virology
    10.05.2021 Imaging large vessel vasculitis – the questions, challenges and progress
    Justin Mason, Imperial College London
    Host: Friedemann Kiefer, CRC 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”
    26.04.2021 Flashlight talks
    • Introduction to the new Inflammation & Imaging Lecture and other joint activities
      Johannes Roth (CRC 1009), Michael Schäfers (CRC 1450), Jan Rossaint (CRU 342)
    • The long road to hybrid parametric imaging in PET/MRI: Methodological challenges and implications for imaging of inflammation (CRC 1450 project B06)
      Florian Büther, European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI)
    • Effects of different doses of remote ischemic preconditioning on kidney damage among patients undergoing cardiac surgery: a single-center mechanistic randomized controlled trial (CRU 342 project P7)
      Mira Küllmar, Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine