Our research focuses on the question of how the body regulates inflammation and fights off infections. Our collective strategy is to use and develop innovative imaging methods for studying molecular and cellular mechanisms that may provide a basis for novel diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive strategies.
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Inflammation & Imaging Lecture

A joint lecture series by the Collaborative Research Centres (CRC) 1009 and 1450, and the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) 342

Dear members and friends of our research networks,
dear colleagues,

Our three scientific networks are closely intertwined by our shared subject matter and researchers. With our joint lecture series, presented under the umbrella of the Cells in Motion Interfaculty Centre, we are seeking to combine our forces, exchange ideas with international colleagues and our community in Münster, and together further develop our research strengths with their focus on “dynamics and imaging of inflammation and infection”.

We look forward to exciting research findings, productive discussions and discovering new synergies!

Prof Johannes Roth MD
CRC 1009 “Breaking Barriers – Immune cells and pathogens at cell/matrix barriers”

Prof Michael Schäfers MD and Prof Friedemann Kiefer PhD
CRC 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”

Prof Alexander Zarbock MD and Prof Jan Rossaint MD
CRU 342 “Organ dysfunction during systemic inflammation”

Topics and dates

We meet twice a month. On the 2nd Monday of the month, we invite renowned international colleagues to present their most recent research results in Münster (invited talks). On the 4th Monday of the month, members of our networks present results from their individual projects and high-potential research concepts across scientific disciplines and networks (flashlight talks).

Everyone interested is welcome! If you do not already have access to our flashlight talks via our CRCs or CRU, please get in touch with us at inflammation.imaging@uni-muenster.de giving your name and institution.

On Mondays, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. (CET)
Our meetings are currently held online via Zoom.

Dates Topics and Speakers
26.04.2021 Flashlight talks
  • Introduction to the new Inflammation & Imaging Lecture and other joint activities
    Johannes Roth (CRC 1009), Michael Schäfers (CRC 1450), Alexander Zarbock (CRU 342)
  • The long road to hybrid parametric imaging in PET/MRI: Methodological challenges and implications for imaging of inflammation (CRC 1450 project B06)
    Florian Büther, European Institute for Molecular Imaging (EIMI)
  • Effects of different doses of remote ischemic preconditioning on kidney damage among patients undergoing cardiac surgery: a single-center mechanistic randomized controlled trial (CRU 342 project P7)
    Mira Küllmar, Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
10.05.2021 Imaging large vessel vasculitis – the questions, challenges and progress
Justin Mason, Imperial College London
Host: Friedemann Kiefer, CRC 1450 “inSight – Multiscale imaging of organ-specific inflammation”

Meeting-ID: 633 1852 5264
Kenncode: 223760
31.05.2021 Flashlight talks
  • CRC 1009 project B02
  • Plasticity of the leukocyte transmigration route in different tissues (CRC 1450 project B03)
    Min Xia, Department of Vascular Cell Biology, MPI Münster
  • CRU 342 project P6
(details to be announced)
14.06.2021 Invited talk
(to be announced)
28.06.2021 Flashlight talks
CRU 342 project P1
CRC 1009 project B09
CRU 342 project Z
(details to be announced)
Summer break
23.08.2021 Flashlight talks
CRC 1450 project A02
CRU 342 project P4
CRC 1009 project B12
(details to be announced)
13.09.2021 Invited talk
(to be announced)
27.09.2021 Flashlight talks
CRC 1450 project C04
CRU 342 project P3
CRC 1009 project B05
(details to be announced)
25.10.2021 Flashlight talks
CRC 1450 project B04
CRU 342 project PP1
CRU 342 project PP2
(details to be announced)
08.11.2021 Invited talk
(to be announced)
22.11.2021 Flashlight talks
CRC 1009 project Z02
CRC 1009 project B07
CRU 342 project P8
(details to be announced)
13.12.2021 Invited talk
(to be announced)
20.12.2021 Flashlight talks
CRC 1009 project A03
CRC 1450 project A01
CRU 342 project P2
(details to be announced)
Christmas break
10.01.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
24.01.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1450 project C06
CRC 1009 project A12
CRU 342 project P5
(details to be announced)
14.02.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
21.02.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1009 project B04
CRC 1450 project A05
CRC 1450 project Z01
(details to be announced)
14.03.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
28.03.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1009 project B03
CRC 1450 project C03
CRC 1009 project A02
(details to be announced)
25.04.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1009 project A06
CRC 1450 project A06
CRC 1450 project INF
(details to be announced)
09.05.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
23.05.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1450 project B01
CRC 1009 project B11
CRC 1450 project A04
(details to be announced)
13.06.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
20.06.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1009 project A01
CRC 1450 project C02
CRC 1009 project B08
(details to be announced)
Summer break
22.08.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1450 project C07
CRC 1009 project A04
CRC 1450 project C02
(details to be announced)
12.09.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
26.09.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1450 project B02
CRC 1450 project C05
CRC 1009 project B10
(details to be announced)
17.10.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
24.10.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1450 project A03
CRC 1009 project A05
CRC 1009 project A09
(details to be announced)
14.11.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
28.11.2022 Flashlight talks
CRC 1009 project A10
CRC 1450 project B05
(details to be announced)
12.12.2022 Invited talk
(to be announced)
19.12.2022 Flashlight talks
(to be announced)