Neues Online-Buch: Microcirculation (Second Edition)


Microcirculation (Second Edition)

Edited by: Ronald F. Tuma, Walter N. Durán and Klaus Ley
ISBN: 978-0-12-374530-9
Copyright © 2008 Elsevier Inc.

Growth in knowledge about the microcirculation has been explosive with the field becoming fragmented into numerous sub-disciplines and subspecialties. This volume pulls all of the critical information into one volume eliminating the need to search through numerous books and journals which can be exhaustive and demanding. It provides cardiovascular physiologists with an integrated, in-depth evaluation of the latest research developments and will aide in developing new pathways of research and scholarship. This book is meticulously edited and reviewed. It provides investigators a unique tool to explore the significance of their findings in the context of other aspects of the microcirculation. In this way, the updated edition has a direct role in helping to develop new pathways of research and scholarship.It highlights the explosive growth in the knowledge about microcirculation including the biology of nitric oxide synthase (NOS), endothelial cell signaling, angiogenesis, cell adhesion molecules, lymphocyte trafficking, ion channels and receptors, and propagated vasomotor responses. Microcirculatory biology has become fragmented into numerous sub-disciplines and subspecialties, and these reference reintegrates the information in one volume. (Amazon)