Service: Via the WLAN of Münster University you can access the Internet wirelessly and use services in the university network. Münster University has an extensive WLAN network covering most university buildings in the city, including refectories, bistros and some outdoor areas. As an employee or student of Münster University, you can also use the WLAN at many other national and international universities and research institutions. Each target group has its own network name (SSID).

Target Group:
- uni-ms: students, employees
- eduroam: members of other universities
- GuestOnCampus: guests of Münster University, congress participants

Usage Costs: free of charge

Contact: Hotline

  • Manual: uni-ms

    You have set your password for network access in the IT Portal. Choose an operating system for which you want to set up WLAN:

    MacOS X


  • Manual: eduroam

    • Members of other universities can use "eduroam" at Münster University if their home institution is participating in the eduroam project.
    • Members of Münster University have access to the networks of other eduroam partners. In this case, the network name displayed is usually "eduroam". For the configuration follow the instructions for the SSID "uni-ms" - just replace "uni-ms" with "eduroam" in the individual steps of the manual.
  • Manual: GuestOnCampus

    Connect to the SSID "GuestOnCampus" and start any web browser (e.g. Chrome or Firefox). You will automatically be redirected to the login page. Confirm the terms of use and click on "log in for free". 1 GB data volume is available per device and day. Please note that the connection is not encrypted.

  • Application for New WLAN Access Points

    If you need new WLAN access points in your institution, please contact your IVV which will take care of the application.
    WLAN Application (WLAN installation) [de]
    Price List (WLAN installation)[de]