Recent publications

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Please note: The following list contains some of the recent publications which were either written or edited by current members of staff at the English Department. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and does not include articles or reviews. More information may be retrieved from each lecturer's personal website.



The Cambridge History of Black and Asian British Writing.


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Locating African European Studies: Interventions, Intersections, Conversations.

Routledge Studies on African and Black Diaspora Series 10.

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© Rhema Verlag

Book Gifts and Cultural Networks from the 14th to the 16th Century

Rhema Verlag: 2019. ISBN: 9783868870145


Prof. Dr. Gabriele Müller-Oberhäuser, em.

© John Benjamins Publishing Company

Corpus Linguistics and African Englishes

John Benjamins Publishing Company: 2019. ISBN: 9789027202192

Editors: Alexandra U. Esimaje, Bassey E. Antia and

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gut


© de Gruyter

Symbolism 2018 - Special Focus: "Cranes on the Rise" - Functions of Metaphor in Autobiographical Writing

de Gruyter: 2018. ISBN: 9783110580822

Editors: Rüdiger Ahrens, Florian Kläger and

Prof. Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer

© Routledge

Undocumented Migrants in the United States - Life Narratives and Self-representations

Routledge: 2018. ISBN: 9781138591011

Author: Dr. Ina Batzke

© Edition Assemblage

The Black Diaspora and Germany

Edition Assemblage: 2018. ISBN: 9783960420354

Editors: Various including Dr. Silke Stroh

© transcript Verlag

Exploring the Fantastic - Genre, Ideology, and Popular Culture

transcript Verlag: 2018. ISBN: 9783837640274

Editors: Eric C. Erbacher, Linda M. Heß, Corinna Lenhardt and Ina Batzke

© Routledge

Critical Branding - Postcolonial Studies and the Market

Routledge: 2018. ISBN: 9781138502222

Author: Dr. Caroline Kögler

© Routledge

Shakespeare's Suicides - Dead Bodies That Matter

Routledge: 2018. ISBN: 9780815380443

Author: Dr. Marlena Tronicke

© Routledge

The Routledge Diaspora Studies Reader

Routledge: 2018. ISBN: 9781138783201

Editors: Janet Wilson and Prof. Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer


© Routledge

Rewriting the American Soul - Trauma, Neuroscience and the Contemporary Literary Imagination

Routledge: 2017. ISBN: 9780415788243

Author: Dr. Anna Thiemann

© John Benjamins Publishing Company

Language Variation on Jamaican Radio

John Benjamins Publishing Company: 2017. ISBN:  9789027249203

Author: Dr. Michael Westphal

© Scottish Literature International

Empires and Revolutions - Cunninghame Graham and His Contemporaries

Scottish Literature International: 2017. ISBN: 9781908980250

Editors: Carla Sassi and Dr. Silke Stroh

© LIT Verlag

Crossovers - Postcolonial Studies and Transcultural Learning

LIT Verlag: 2017. ISBN: 9783643908780

Editors: Christiane Lütge and Prof. Dr. Mark U Stein

© De Gruyter

Symbolism - An International Annual of Critical Aesthetics

de Gruyter: 2013-2017. eISSN: 2195-5115

Editors: Rüdiger van Ahrens, Florian Kläger and Prof. Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer


© Northwestern University Press

Gaelic Scotland in the Colonial Imagination - Anglophone Writing from 1600 - 1900

Northwestern University Press: 2016. ISBN: 9780810134058

Author: Dr. Silke Stroh


© De Gruyter

Diasporic Constructions of Home and Belonging

de Gruyter: 2015. ISBN: 9783110408614

Editors: Florian Kläger and Prof. Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer

© Peter Lang

Learning with Literature in the EFL Classroom

Peter Lang Verlag: 2015. ISBN: 9783653992472

Authors: Werner Delanoy, Maria Eisenmann and Prof. Dr. Frauke Matz

© De Gruyter

Universal or Diverse Paths to English Phonology

de Gruyter: 2015. ISBN: 9783110346084

Editors: Eva-Maria Wunder, Robert Fuchs and

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gut


© Cambridge University Press

English in the Caribbean - Variation, Style and Standards in Jamaica and Trinidad

Cambridge University Press: 2014. ISBN: 9781139226400

Author: Prof. Dr. Dagmar Deuber

© Routledge

Edward Said's Translocations - Essays in Secular Criticism

Routledge: 2012 / 2014. ISBN: 9781138851627

Editors: Tobias Döring and Prof. Dr. Mark U Stein

© Oxford University Press

The Oxford Handbook of Corpus Phonology

Oxford University Press: 2014. ISBN: 9780199571932

Editors: Jacques Durand, Gjert Kristoffersen and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gut

© Peter Lang

Transkulturelles Lernen im Fremdsprachenunterricht - Theorie und Praxis

Peter Lang Verlag: 2014. ISBN: 9783653990584

Authors: Michael Rogge, Philipp Siepmann and Prof. Dr. Frauke Matz


© LIT Verlag

John Locke's Concept of Natural Law from the Essays on the Law of Nature to the Second Treatise of Government

LIT Verlag: 2013. ISBN: 9783643903228

Author: Dr. Franziska Quabeck

© De Gruyter

Just and Unjust Wars in Shakespeare

LIT Verlag: 2013. ISBN: 9783110301113

Author: Dr. Franziska Quabeck

© transcript Verlag

Reading Swift - Papers from The Sixth Münster Symposium on Jonathan Swift

Wilhelm Fink Verlag: 2013. ISBN: 9783770554300

Editors: Kirsten Juhas, Sandra Simon and Prof. Dr. Hermann J. Real, em.
                                                                               Ehrenpreis Centre for Swift Studies


© John Benjamins Publishing Company

Mapping Unity and Diversity World-Wide

John Benjamins Publishing Company: 2012. ISBN: 9789027249036

Editors: Mariane Hundt and Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gut

© Routledge

Edward Said's Translocations - Essays in Secular Criticism

Routledge: 2012 / 2014. ISBN: 9781138851627

Editors: Tobias Döring and Prof. Dr. Mark U Stein


© Brill Rodopi

Uneasy Subjects - Postcolonialism and Scottish Gaelic Poetry

Brill Rodopi: 2011. ISBN: 9789042033580

Author: Dr. Silke Stroh

© Brill Rodopi

Hybrid Cultures - Nervous States - Britain and Germany in a (Post)Colonial World

Brill Rodopi: 2011. ISBN: 9789042032286

Editors: Ulrike Lindner, Dr. Silke Stroh and Prof. Dr. Mark U Stein

© University of Massachusetts Press

Cornelia James Cannon and the Future American Race

University of Massachusetts Press: 2011. ISBN: 9781558498419

Author: Prof. Dr. Maria I. Diedrich, em.


© Universitätsverlag Winter

Das altenglische Heiligenleben

Universitätsverlag Winter Heidelberg: 2010. ISBN: 9783825357252

Author: Dr. Irmgard Lensing