Young Professors Programme (YPP)

The WWU support programme for assistant professors and junior research group leaders

The Young Professors Programme (YPP) of the University of Münster is an innovative programme that supports assistant professors (Juniorprofessoren) and junior research group leaders to surmount the often daunting challenges specific to their profession. These academics have achieved success early in their career and now find themselves in positions of responsibility with management obligations. Junior researchers require a broad range of knowledge and skills to achieve outstanding research results while continuing to perform teaching, supervisory and administrative duties. The Young Professors Programme (YPP) helps them meet the diverse challenges in this stage of their career.

In addition to various training formats, YPP provides junior researchers with a networking platform that enables them to make contacts within and outside the University of Münster. Our goal is to accompany them on their career path in an individual, flexible and needs-oriented manner. Feel free to inquire anytime about our current programme!

  • About the Young Professors Programme (YPP)

    The Young Professors Programme (YPP) helps assistant professors (with and without tenure track) and junior research group leaders to develop personal and career-building skills in their everyday professional life. We offer:

    • A seminar programme of short-term micro-sessions and in-depth seminars and workshops in German and English
    • A mentoring programme with one-on-one mentoring sessions, as well as group and peer mentoring formats
    • A networking platform for establishing contacts with other assistant professors and junior research group leaders
    • Support for faculty members responsible for supervising and advising junior researchers

    The various programmes can be selected and flexibly combined according to one’s personal needs. We can also arrange an introductory session upon request to discuss your qualification goals and select programme components to achieve these.

    The Young Professors Programme draws on and bundles the expertise of various University facilities and departments. In addition to our regular services, assistant professors and junior research group leaders can participate in the post-doc events held at the WWU Graduate Centre and the professional training programmes offered by the HR department. Assistant professors can also participate in “Management skills for new professors” (Erfolgreich managen für Erstberufene), “Women in University Management” (Frauen managen Hochschule) and “First Class” (Erstklassig), the mentoring programme for female academics.

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    Other important service offices:

    Dual Career Center

    Family Service Office

    WWU advice office for employees and supervisors for coping with conflicts, addiction- and health-related issues

    SAFIR Research Funding Support

    International Office
    Welcome Center

  • Mentoring

    Mentoring is a valuable instrument for academic career development. The participating mentors are experienced colleagues whose advice and supervision can help you achieve your professional goals. Not only can you benefit from their contacts, but also their experience. In the first phase of the programme, one-on-one mentoring sessions help early-career academics on their way to lifetime professorships. To learn how to make the most of mentoring, we recommend arranging a personal consultation or attending a workshop on mentoring. Group mentoring is offered on an ongoing basis.

  • Seminar programme

    Our programme consists of two formats – micro-sessions and in-depth seminars – which address such topics as management in academia, interdisciplinary skills, career development, scientific working methods and academic teaching. We offer special seminars for junior researchers with tenure track which highlight the various phases of the tenure process. The seminars are given by University colleagues and external experts. For more details, click on the programme profiles below.

    The events are free of charge and can be attended in any order. Registration is required. After completing the course, you will be sent written confirmation of participation.
    The thematic focus of each seminar is strongly tailored to the needs of the target group. Please contact us for information on our current programme and feel free to share your wishes with us!

    Current events:

    Colloquium for newly appointed professors [de]

    Team development as a management task [de]

    Working with doctoral candidates [de]

    Interim evaluations for assistant professors – How should I best prepare? [de]

    Meetings and counselling in an academic context: Achieving one's goal through successful communication [de]

    Training for the appointment procedure [de]

  • Faculty support

    The colleagues in your faculty can offer individual advice and support in the form of “onboarding”. They provide insight into the processes and particulars of the respective faculties, thereby helping assistant professors and junior research group leaders more quickly integrate and establish themselves at the University of Münster. Young academics receive subject-related feedback from colleagues of equal standing, particularly in consultation meetings, to help them proceed along their career path.

    More information for faculty members will be posted here shortly!

  • Team

    Dr. Magdalena Hundehege
    WWU Graduate Centre, YPP coordinator
    Room Raum 104
    Schlossplatz 6
    Tel: +49 251 83-23116
    • Overall YPP coordination
    • Contact building and management with the responsible facilities
    • Coordination and supervision of the seminar programme
    • Advisor and support liaison to the faculties
    Deniz Aydin
    WWU Graduate Centre, YPP administrator
    Room Raum 108
    Schlossplatz 6
    Tel: +49 251 83-21383
    • Event administration
    • Support for seminar programme participants
    • Public relations
    N. N.
    • Coordination and support of the mentoring programme
    • Mentoring advisor


Young Professors Programme (YPP)
Schlossplatz 6
48149 Münster
Tel.: + 49 251 83-23116