Neues Online-Buch: Aging with HIV

Aging with HIV: Psychological, Social, and Health Issues
By Janice E. Nichols, David C. Speer, Betty J. Watson,
Mary R. Watson, Tiffany L. Vergon, Colette M. Vallee
and Joan M. Meah. Elsevier 2002, ISBN: 978-0-12-518051-1

Aging with HIV: Psychological, Social, and Health Issues ist eines der gut 1.000 Onlinebücher des Verlags Elsevier, welche die Zweigbibliothek Ende 2008 kaufen konnte. In den folgenden Wochen wird die ZB Med einige der Bücher und Buchserien exemplarisch vorstellen.

„Aging with HIV for care providers seeks to educate and inform readers about the difficulties and complications that accompany the disease in older people. Thus, while the appendix includes technical descriptions of methodology, data, and results, the narratives in the chapters describing the findings and their practical implications are written in layman’s language. Topics covered include biomedical aspects, demographics, sexuality, stressors, mental health, older women, and patient care, all of which are supported by case studies.“