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Scientists at the Institute of Landscape Ecology investigate relationships within and between atmosphere, biosphere, pedosphere and hydrosphere. Interactions between the ecosystem compartments of a landscape and the sustainable development of landscapes in the wake of changes in land use and global processes are within the focus of our work.
Key aspects of research are biogeochemical fluxes, vegetation ecology, community ecology as well as ecological planning. These aspects are also the strengths of the institute on a national and international scale.

Research at our institute is internationally oriented. Global environmental changes, biodiversity loss, borders of ecosystems, regional processes in nutrient cycling, and migration of organisms do not follow political borders. We collaborate closely with many universities and with public and private organizations within and outside Europe.

The GEO1 building from the perspective of a drone
© Jan Lehmann

The ILÖK at the University of Münster

The Institute of Landscape Ecology (ILÖK) belongs to the Faculty of Geoscience [de] at the UNiversity of  Münster. We collaborate closely with serveral internal and external institutions. In particular, the following partner institutions belong to Faculty 14: Didactics of Geography [de], Geography [de], Geoinformatics, Mineralogy, Planetology and Geology and Paleontology. Furthermore there are connections to Geophysics, Biology and Chemistry.