Studying at the Institute of Landscape Ecology

Landscape Ecology

Two people determine the vegetation of a meadow
© Valentin H. Klaus

The Institute of Landscape Ecology (ILÖK) provides studies in Landscape Ecology with B.Sc. and M.Sc. graduation: The 3-years Bachelor studies focus on basics in environmental sciences, sustainable landscape management, and applied landscape ecology. On this basis, the 2-years Master studies provide specialization on research in landscape ecology and the analysis and evaluation of ecosystem processes. Courses are generally held in german, but english as a scientific language is becoming more common.

Studies at ILÖK stand out through the consideration of both biotic and abiotic components. We offer a broad array of intensive training in field work and in applied techniques (e.g., lab, GIS), with a strong emphasis on sustainable development and ecological planning (e.g., in water resource management, air pollution control, nature conservation).

Further information on study courses at ILÖK is currently only available in german. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! If you are interrested in ERASMUS studies, please contact our ERASMUS-Office.

Water Science

Several laboratory bottles with samples in front of an analyser
© Florian Schmutzer

The course programme is a cooperation between different departments of the WWU Münster and the Fachhochschule Münster. Entry requirements are completed bachelor studies in Enviromental Science, Engineering or Human Science studies related to water science or enviromental basics.

Master of Science Water Science


Students hike through the Ordesa Valley during a Pyrenees excursion.
© Witold Arndt

The Bachelor study programme is offered in cooperation with the Institute of Geography. The Institute of Landscape Ecology provides teaching contents in Physical/Regional Geography and Ecological Planning. Furthermore you can choose specialisations in Climatology, Soil Science, Hydrology and Vegetation Ecology.

Geography Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) [de]

Teaching Degree Geography

Students walk over a still unfinished yetty during an excursion.
© Tillmann Buttschardt

The Institute of Landscape Ecology provides different contents for the Teaching Degree Geography in Physical and Regional Geography. Furthermore you can choose specialisations in Climatology, Soil Science, Hydrology and Vegetation Ecology. The Module Human-Enviroment Interactions is provided in the study programme Master of Education. Subject-specific Master Thesis can be written at the Institute of Landscape Ecology.

Teaching Degrees Geography [de]

Proposals for students of other faculties

A fenced-in dune crossing on Spiekeroog.
© Torsten Prinz

For the study programmes Teaching Geography (B.A. KJ und B.Sc. 2-Fach), Geoinformatics (B.Sc.) and further programmes the ILÖK provides the optional and compulsory courses in the field of Physical Geography/ Landscape Ecology. For further informations check the examination regulations of your study programme.
Events related to the study programme Landscape Ecology can also be elected as optional courses by Biologists, Geologists, Geophysics a.o.
Elective possibilities can be found in the examination regulations.