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"We experience the geosciences directly"

Dr. Torsten Prinz describes the long-standing excursion tradition to Kleinwalsertal valley

For more than 20 years, students from the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Münster have been going on excursions to Kleinwalsertal. Now the time has come again: at the end of August, they will be going for eleven days to the Austrian village about 700 kilometres away at an altitude of 1,400 metres in the Allgäu Alps. 15 students, two excursion leaders and a tutor will explore the geological, geobotanical and geographical features of the region. Kathrin Kottke spoke to Dr Torsten Prinz, who is leading the excursion with Prof. Dr Harald Hiesinger, in the run-up to the trip.

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The Geomuseum: a treasure trove of superlatives

Opening on 10 August: The Geomuseum displays 2,300 exhibits from 13.8 billion years of Earth's history.

Descending twelve steps and going through 200 million years, experiencing the 13.8 billion years since the Big Bang in about an hour, retracing two billion years of Earth's history in a single room using 700 original exhibits - the new Geomuseum at Münster University is a museum of superlatives. With the opening on 10 August, Münster's museum quarter around Pferdegasse is complete. In addition to the LWL Museum of Art and Culture, it includes the Bible Museum and the University's Archaeological Museum. The team of the Geomuseum gave the editorial staff of wissen|leben the opportunity to take a detailed tour in advance.

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Alumni*ae network of the Institute of Geology and Palaeontology

It is an important concern of the Institute of Geology and Palaeontology to establish a close and long-lasting relationship with its alumni*ae. The common ground of all alumni*ae is to have studied in Münster and to have written a thesis at the Institute of Geology and Palaeontology or to have worked at the institute.

The Alumni*ae network is intended to strengthen the connection to the alma mater, to former fellow students and colleagues, to cultivate connections to professors and to facilitate the exchange on scientific topics. Through the Alumni*ae network, you will receive information via email about current events and activities; including, for example, a major event that is casting its shadow ahead - the opening of the new Geomuseum.

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