WiRe-Call - Women in Research-fellowships for female top-level post-docs

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The Women in Research fellowship programme at WWU Münster is a fellowship programme for international female postdoctoral researchers who want to pursue their research in cooperation with a professor at the University of Münster (WWU) in Germany.
WiRe - Research@home-Fellowships are our answer to the current, challenging time for international scientific exchange. This year innovative Research@home-Fellowships will offer a new experience for female Postdocs in their research at home.
WiRe fellowships offer the opportunity to work with the WWU within a self-chosen timeframe of 4 to 9 months. Fellows get the possibility to explore research and development possibilities. Funding, support structures, mentoring and workshops give an insight of future possibilities for top female scientists in Münster.
An intrinsic part of WiRe is the use of different channels of science communication to disperse the results of the WiRe Fellows’ research and their experiences with the WWU Münster, demonstrating that WiRe fellows are inspiring role models for future scientists.

We are looking for:
1. Excellent international female scientists in postdoc-phase
2. Involvement of a professor at the WWU and commitment to pursue a research project together
3. Willingness to promote your own work via our digital channels
4. Enthusiasm to give an insight into your fascinating research and your life as a researcher

We offer:
1. Fellowship of 1600 €/per month for a period of 4 up to 8 months
2. Part-time fellowship of 1000 € (+500 € family bonus) per month for a period of 4 up to 9 months
3. Additional funding for conference participation
4. Excellent research and career development opportunities
5. Access to all of the WWU’s communication channels and networks
6. Workshops and mentoring

Fellowship conditions:
1. You are a resident in the European Union
2. You have a research project or idea of a research project in cooperation with a professor of WWU which can be executed during 4 - 9 months with a presentable result
3. You have ideas for a strategy of how to spread word of your research & experience at WWU and willingness to participate in outreach / science communication activities
4. You have to hand in a detailled project schedule
5. When granted a scholarship you have to regulary hand in progress reports

Apply now and fill out your application until August 15th http://go.wwu.de/wire