China awards "Friendship Award" to physicist Harald Fuchs

Prof. Harald Fuchs received the "Chinese Government Friendship Award" for his long-standing scientific cooperation with China. The physicist at Münster University has been honoured with the highest award given by the Chinese government to foreign experts - this year there are 100 prizewinners from 31 countries. The award ceremony took place in Beijing at the beginning of October.


Physicists couple key components of quantum technologies

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Quantum effects are genuinely found in the world of nanostructures and allow a wide variety of new technological applications. Researchers at Münster University have developed an interface that couples light sources for single photons with nanophotonic networks. The results could help to make quantum technologies scalable. The study has been published in "Advanced Quantum Technologies".


Evolution experiment: Specific immune response of beetles adapts to bacteria

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The memory of the immune system is able to distinguish a foreign protein with which the organism has already come into contact from another and to react with a corresponding antibody. Researchers have now discovered that the immune system's ability to specifically fend off pathogens can adapt in the course of evolution. The study has been published in the journal “PNAS”.

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New method for the measurement of nano-structured light fields

Physicists and chemists at Münster University have succeeded in developing a technique which is able to detect the typically invisible properties of nano-structured fields in the focus of a lens. This can help to establish nano-structured light landscapes as a tool for material machining, optical tweezers, or high-resolution imaging. The study was published in "Nature Communications".

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Studying at Münster University

International students are very welcome at the University of Münster! Whether you come to study for one semester at the University or to pursue an undergraduate or graduate degree – the right information and support for your studies and life in Münster is available for all international students.

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Promoting junior researchers

The University of Münster organises the promotion of outstanding academic junior researchers in graduate schools which provide structured doctorate courses. The university creates an environment conducive to top-level research carried out by postdocs.