Supervisors at the Graduate School Practices of Literature

Supervisor Subject Research Interests
Prof. Dr. Eric Achermann German Literature
  • Early German Modernity
  • History of Knowledge
  • German Law & Literature
Prof. Dr. Alexander Arweiler Classical Philology
  • Latin Literature of (Late) Antiquity and Its Reconfiguration in the European Cultural History and History of Ideas
Prof. Dr. Moritz Baßler German Literature
  • German Realism
  • Literature of the Classical Modern Period
  • Literary Theory
  • Contemporary Literature and Pop Culture
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauer Arabic and Islamic Studies  
Prof. Dr. Cerstin Bauer-Funke Romance Studies
  • French, Spanish & Mexican Contemporary Literature
  • French Enlightenment Literature
  • Discourses of the Urban in French Literature
  • Spanish Literature of the Siglo de Oro
  • Cuban Exile Theater in the US
Prof. Dr. Cornelia Blasberg German Literature  
Prof. Dr. Andreas Blödorn German Literature
  • 18th to 21st Century Literature (especially Goethe, German Realism, Early German Modernity)
  • History of Film (especially Early Modern Film and Post WWII Film)
  • Semiotics of Literature and Media
  • Naratology and Intermedial Storytelling in Literature and Film
Prof. Dr. Marion Bönnighausen Didactics of Literature and Media  
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Emmerich Sinology
  • History and Culture of Imperial China
Prof. Dr. Susanne Kramarz-Bein Nordic Philology
  • Continental-Scandinavian Literary and Cultural Ties in the Middle Ages (especially Old Norse Poetry)
  • Literary Milieus in Scandinavian Courtly Literature in Norway and Sweden in 13th and 14th Century
  • Scandinavian Romance, Moderner Durchbruch and the 20th Century (especially Scandinavian Children's Literature)
Prof. Dr. Christel Meier-Staubach Latin Philology
  • Medieval Latin Literature from a Comparative Perspective
  • Hermeneutics, Symbolism, Allegory
  • Medieval Literary Theory
  • Text and Image
  • Encyclopedia in the Middle Ages and Early Modernity
  • Medieval and Early Modern Drama
  • Authorship and Epistolary Novels in the High-Medieval Period
  • Medieval Medial Figurations of the Political and the Religious
Prof Dr. Lut Missinne Modern Dutch Literature
  • Autobiographic Writing, Autofiction
  • Poetics, Literary History, Literary Criticism
  • Dutch Literature in German Translation
  • Cultural Transfer in the 20th/21st Century: Netherlands - Flanders - Germany
Prof. Dr. Corinna Norrick-Rühl Book Studies
  • Book Culture
  • Publishing
  • Book Infrastructure
  • Book Distribution (Book Sales Clubs)
  • The Global Book Industry
  • Translations
  • Children’s Books
Prof. Dr. Christian Pietsch Classical Philology  
Prof. Dr. Bruno Quast Medieval Literature
  • Medieval Myths
  • Historical Anthropology & Narratology
  • German Reformation Literature
Prof. Dr. Silvia Reuvekamp Medieval Literature
  • Poetik der Figurendarstellung im Roman des 12.-15. Jahrhunderts
  • Literarische Kleinstformen
  • Artifizialität, Sprachästhetik und Stil in der volkssprachigen Literatur des Mittelalters
  • Historische Narratologie
  • Literarische Anthropologie
  • Wissensgeschichte
Prof. Dr. Christine Schmitz Classic Philology
  • Antique Epos
  • Roman Satire and Its Medieval Reception
  • Roman Tragedy
  • Epigram (Martial)
  • Novel (Apuleius)
  • Myth and Literature, Reception of Antique Mythology
  • Latin Poetry of Late Antiquity
  • Latin Poetry of Renaissance
Prof. Dr. Silvia Schultermandl American Studies
  • American Fiction and Life Writing, from the 18th Century to the Present
  • Literary Theory
  • Transnational American Studies
  • Family and Kinship Studies
  • Transnational Feminism
  • Social Media
Prof. Dr. Kai Sina German Literature and Comparative Studies  
Prof. Dr. Mark Stein English Studies: New English Literatures and Media Studies
  • Black British and British Asian Writing
  • Caribbean Literature
  • Zimbabwean Literature
  • Critical Theory
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Postcolonial Studies
Prof. Dr. Klaus Stierstorfer British Studies: Early Modern and Modern Texts
  • Constructions of Home and Belonging
  • Diaspora Studies
  • Early Modern Literature
  • Eighteenth Century Studies
  • Irish Literature
  • Law and Literature
  • Literary and Cultural Theory
  • Literary History
  • Literature and Philosophy
  • Postcolonial Studies
  • Victorian and Neo-Victorian Literature
Prof. Dr. Christoph Strosetzki Romance Studies
  • Spanish and European Humanism
  • Occupational Profiles in Early Modernity
  • Theatre, Narrative Genres, Reception and Impact of Siglo de Oro
  • History of Ideas
  • Conversation Culture of Early Modernity
Prof. Dr. Tomas Tomasek Medieval Literature  
Prof. Dr. Christian von Tschilschke Romance Studies
  • Literature and Media/Intermediality
  • Theory and Practice of Literature - Film/TV Relations
  • Spanish and French Literature and Culture of the 20th and 21st Century
  • Theory, History and Didactics of French, Spanish and Latin American Cinema
  • 18th Century Spanish Literature with a Transatlantic Focus
  • Literary and Media Gender Studies
  • Spanish Discourse on Africa
  • Docufiction Transgeneric, Transmedial and Transcultural
Prof. Dr. Martina Wagner-Egelhaaf German Literature
  • Modern German Literature (especially Modernity and Contemporary Literature)
  • Literary Theory
  • Rhetorics
  • Literary Studies as Cultural Studies
  • Literature - Religion - Politics
  • Autobiography/Autofiction
  • Law & Literature
Prof. Dr. Karin Westerwelle Romance Studies
  • Text and Image in 19th Century France (Focus on Charles Baudelaire)
  • Humanism & Renaissance (Focus on Michel de Montaigne)
  • Medieval and Early Modern Italian Poetry
AOR Dr. Barbara Winckler Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • Modern Arab Literature, especially Postmodern and nahḍa Prose
  • War and Post-War Discourse in Lebanese Literature
  • Gender Studies
  • Borders and Thresholds
  • Cultural Contact Between the Orient and Occident Since the Early 19th Century
  • Periodical Press and New Publics in 'the Long 19th Century'
  • Arabic as Scientific Language
Prof. Dr. Irina Wutsdorff Slavonic Studies
  • Slavonic Literature and Culture in Comparative Perspective: Russian and Czech Studies (18th - 21st Century)
  • Romantic, Realist, Modern, Avantgarde and Postmodern Concepts and Poetics
  • Literary and Cultural Theory: Prague Structualism, Semiotics of Culture, Dialogicity (Michail Bachtin), Poststructuralism and Deconstruction, Gender Studies, Cultural and Transcultural Approaches, Spatial Theory
  • General and Comparative Literary Studies: Literature and the Arts & Media, Literature and Philosophy, Literature in Intercultural Spaces