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The Graduate School Practices of Literature offers a structured doctoral programme in Literary Studies. The joint research is centred on the relationship between literature/literary studies and society. Additional focal points of our programme include theory of science as well as theory of literature and literary studies. Also, the programme addresses various issues for the professional application of literary expertise while enabling students to gain hands-on experience in career relevant non-academic environments. Thus, our programme’s mission is to link theory and practice through an interdisciplinary approach, treating them not as opposites but rather interdependent counterparts of a lively exchange.

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Writing Retreat

© Inga Schwemin

In May 2019 and January 2020, doctoral students of the GSPoL organized a writing retreat. As a joint retreat into nature, the event was intended to promote concentrated writing and intensify the research and personal exchange among participants in different semesters and stages of their PhD research and from different disciplinary and national backgrounds.

Workshop in Frankfurt

20th of November 2019
Workshop in FrankfurtPicture of Workshop
© Fritsch

On November 20th 2019 the members of the GSPoL went on a field trip to Frankfurt to exchange views on career prospects for graduates of the literary studies with experts for (mediating) literature. The two-day event was initiated and planned with the help of our advisory committee member Dr. Sonja Vandenrath.

Reading Group Theory of Literature

To Resume in the Upcoming Winter Term

For the upcoming winter semester, some of our GSPoL graduate students again offer project groups, one of which is "Lesegruppe Literaturtheorie" (Reading Group Theory of Literature). All those interested (especially bachelor students) are cordially invited to attend!