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The Graduate School Practices of Literature offers a structured doctoral programme in Literary Studies. The joint research is centred on the relationship between literature/literary studies and society. Additional focal points of our programme include theory of science as well as theory of literature and literary studies. Also, the programme addresses various issues for the professional application of literary expertise while enabling students to gain hands-on experience in career relevant non-academic environments. Thus, our programme’s mission is to link theory and practice through an interdisciplinary approach, treating them not as opposites but rather interdependent counterparts of a lively exchange.

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William WatkinWilliam Watkin
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Guest lecture: Multiplicities of Silence with Prof. William Watkin (Brunel University)

11 January 2023 | 6-8PM | Lecture Hall JO1 (Johannisstr. 4)

Sigetics is the name for the philosophy of silence. It is concerned with what philosophers cannot say or name. As such it constitutes the outside of philosophy that thinkers need to make their various systems consistent. In his brief history of sigetics, Prof. Watkin visits the quiet cells and still offices of many thinkers and asks if their multiplicities of silences might be less a limit to philosophy, than a mute indication of its future.

© Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

Public Lecture: Introduction to Public Writing with Irina Dumitrescu

17 November 2022 | 4-6PM | S1 (Schloss)

Scholars who write for a general audience need to familiarize themselves with new genres, writing styles, and outlets that are very different from academic publishing. Our guest lecturer Prof. Dr. Irina Dumitrescu (University of Bonn) will give us a first-hand inside into public writing, scrutinize its pros and cons, and share practical tips for newcomers in the field.

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GSPoL Alumnus Publishes His Debut Novel

Congratulations to Dr. Boris Hoge-Benteler on publishing his first novel Sonnenstadt (2022) with kul-ja! publishing! Sonnenstadt deals with trauma and fear, the loss of relationships and disorientation as well as the search for beauty and plays with elements of the coming-of-age novel, the road novel and the thriller genre.

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Network Conference 2022

23 May 2022

At this year's network conference, the GSPoL offers exciting insights into current dissertation projects and career paths for academics with a PhD in literature. Alumni, students, university lecturers and the interested (university) public are cordially invited to attend this event. Further information on the program and registration can be found here.