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The Graduate School Practices of Literature offers a structured doctoral programme in Literary Studies. The joint research is centred on the relationship between literature/literary studies and society. Additional focal points of our programme include theory of science as well as theory of literature and literary studies. Also, the programme addresses various issues for the professional application of literary expertise while enabling students to gain hands-on experience in career relevant non-academic environments. Thus, our programme’s mission is to link theory and practice through an interdisciplinary approach, treating them not as opposites but rather interdependent counterparts of a lively exchange.

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Why Literary Studies Matter Now: Academic Practices in an Anti-Intellectual Climate

Lecture Series 2018/19 | Mondays | starting October 15, 2018 | 6pm | Lecture Hall S 9 (Schloss)
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This year's lecture series, titled Why Literary Studies Matter Now: Academic Practices in an Anti-Intellectual Climate, opens up an interdisciplinary and international dialogue on the cultural and political role of literature in today's world, addressing issues such as "Realitie(s) in Literary Studies," "Factual Fictions," and "Political Correctness in Academic Discourse."

PhD Scholarship: Call for Applications for International Students

Application deadline: May 31, 2019
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In cooperation with the DAAD, the Department of Philology at the Westfälische Wilhelms-University in Münster is offering a scholarship for interested and qualified international doctoral candidates in the area of literary studies starting October 1, 2019.

Undocumented Migrants in the United States: Life Narratives and Self-representations

Publication | Dr Ina Batzke
© Routledge

Die GSPoL congratulates alumna Dr. Ina Batzke on her publication of her dissertation with Routledge.
By reading the self-representations of undocumented migrants in a range of life narratives published from 2001 to 2016 as both a product of America's changing views on citizenship and membership, and an arena where such views can potentially be challenged, the book interrogates the role such self-representations have played not only in constructing undocumented migrant identities, but also in shaping social borders.

Critical Branding: Postcolonial Studies and the Market

Publication | Dr Caroline Kögler
Critical Branding 11Critical Branding 21
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The GSPoL congratulates alumna Dr. Caroline Kögler on the publication of her dissertation with Routledge.
Critical Branding: Postcolonial Studies and the Market provides an original answer to what Sarah Brouillette has called postcolonial studies’ ‘longstanding materialist challenge’, illuminating the relationship between what is often broadly called ‘the market’ and the practice and positionality of postcolonial critics and their field, postcolonial studies. Find more information here: