Graduate School Practices of Literature
Graduate School Practices of Literature


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The Graduate School Practices of Literature offers a structured doctoral programme in Literary Studies. The joint research is centred on the relationship between literature/literary studies and society. Additional focal points of our programme include theory of science as well as theory of literature and literary studies. Also, the programme addresses various issues for the professional application of literary expertise while enabling students to gain hands-on experience in career relevant non-academic environments. Thus, our programme’s mission is to link theory and practice through an interdisciplinary approach, treating them not as opposites but rather interdependent counterparts of a lively exchange.

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Guest Lecture with Prof. Vance Byrd & Prof. Javier Samper Vendrell

May 28, 2024 | 4:15PM | ES 203

Prof. Byrd and Prof. Vendrell will focus on printed materials by people whose work has been typically excluded from the mainstream book trade due to gender, sexuality, race, or class—people who have found alternative venues in which to debate and document queer experience and their struggles for freedom. All welcome!

© Leone Venter | GSPoL

Guest Lecture with Dr. Christina Neuwirth: What my novel taught me about my thesis

24 October 2023 | 6-8 PM | S 1 (Schloss)

In this lecture, the researcher and novelist Dr. Christina Neuwirth will draw on the experience of writing in different forms and for different audiences, broadening out to introduce the work of other writers and scholars who have drawn on scholarly and creative techniques, to argue for playful, boundary-blurring approaches to academic writing. Everyone interested is welcome to join this event!

© Anna Pessoa / Mídia Ninja | GSPoL
© Anna Pessoa / Mídia Ninja

Guest Lecture: The Dramaturgy of Contemporary Politics with Prof. Dr. Luciana Villas Bôas

20 June 2023 | 4-6 PM | English Department, room 24

Drawing on Shakespeare’s and Hobbes’ work on the intrinsic theatricality of power, Luciana Villas Bôas (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro/Universidade de São Paulo) will talk about Lula’s presidential inauguration and the storming of the esplanade as two recent events that have changed the way we relate to the foundations and the future of democracy. 

© Franzus

Workshop: The Novel in a Postfictional Age with Timothy Bewes

16 June 2023 | 10AM - 3PM | English Department, Room 203

This workshop engages with Prof. Bewes’s latest book, Free Indirect: The Novel in a Postfictional Age (Columbia University Press, 2022), which shakes the grounds on which the theory of the novel has long been standing and offers new ways of seeing and engaging with literature.