Call for Applications

Information and Guidelines


Positions for graduate students are available each semester. Applications for regular membership are accepted for both winter and summer terms each year. Please find information on the application procedure here.

The GSPoL is offering two scholarships for international PhD candidates each winter semester until 2020-2021. Please refer to this website for further information on the application process.

Information for prospective international students in addition to links for external funding opportunities are listed as well.

Visiting Scholars and Associate Members

International students can be part of the Graduate School Practices of Literature as visiting scholars or associated guests. Visiting scholars as well as associated guests need to apply and send a CV, graduation and language certificates, a project outline, and a letter of intent. For more information please contact the coordinator.


Visiting Scholars
Visiting Students can spend up to six months at the GSPoL. Applications may be submitted anytime.

Officially associated guests
Officially associated guests stay at least for a semester with a possibility of long-term association. The application deadlines are May 31/Nov. 30.