If you receive BAföG you will need to file a follow-up application; usually in your 5th semester. Among the documents needed for this is the so-called “Leistungsnachweis nach §48 BAföG” (“Formblatt 5”). In order to receive a positive result for this document, students of English need to provide proof of their academic achievements of semesters 1-4. I.e. they must fulfil the following the criteria:

  • Both Foundational Modules and the Module “Language Practice” have been completed successfully
  • All mandatory second-year courses and exams are irrevocably registered for in QISPOS (i.e. the QISPOS registration period is over)
  • In the second-year intermediate modules (“Aufbaumodule”), you've passed:
    a) at least one major assignment and one ungraded assignment (if you've chosen the EFL module), OR
    b) at least two ungraded assignments (if you’ve chosen the Undergraduate Research Module)

NB: If Formblatt 5 gets approved and is handed in to the BAföG office within the first four months of the 4th semester (i.e. in summer term, the deadline is 31 July), it is enough to confirm the academic achievements of semesters 1-3. In this case the following criteria need to be met:

  • Both Foundational Modules need to be completed successfully
  • All courses of the module “Language Practice” are irrevocably registered for in QISPOS (i.e. the QISPOS registration period is over)
  • In the intermediate modules (“Aufbaumodule”), all the usual courses / LP of the 3rd semester are irrevocably registered for in QISPOS,
    and at least one ungraded assignment has already been passed

If an illness has prevented you from completing an assignment that would have been necessary for a positive assessment on Formblatt 5, this will be noted on the Formblatt so that your BAföG payments are not affected by this. But you will need to present a certificate from your doctor.
If you are abroad at the time you need Formblatt 5, you can authorize someone else to handle your university affairs during your absence. The authorized person will need to bring the necessary documents, including their own ID and the authorization form. Please consider this example of an authorization form (pdf) [de].

Please note that this information is not legally binding.