Contact partners in the faculties

FB 01: Faculty of Protestant Theology

Prof. Dr. Antje Roggenkamp [de] (Dean of Studies)

FB 02: Faculty of Catholic Theology

Prof. Dr. Norbert Köster [de] (Vice-Dean of Teaching and Student Affairs)

FB 03: Faculty of Law

Dr. Annette Barkey-Heine [de] (contact partner for comments and criticism)

FB 04: School of Business and Economics

Dr. Ulrike Augustin (programme coordinator)

FB 05: Faculty of Medicine

Dr. Bernhard Marschall [de] (Dean of Studies)

FB 06: Faculty of Educational and Social Science

PD Dr. Matthias Freise [en] (Vice-Dean for Teaching, Student Affairs and Digitalization)

Institute of Educational Science (IfE)
Dr. Sina Schürer [de]

Institute of Communication Sciences
Dr. Thomas Birkner [en]

Institute of Political Science (IfPol)
Dr. Matthias Freise [de]

Institute of Sociology
Ms. Nina Wild [en] (programme coordinator)

Educational Studies
Dr. Iris Janßen [de]

FB 07: Faculty of Psychology/Sport and Exercise Sciences

Student Complaints Office [de]

FB 08: Faculty of History and Philosophy

Dr. Susanne Pinkernell-Kreidt [de] (Vice-Dean of Finances and Academic Organisation)

FB 09: Faculty of Philology

Prof. Dr. Tobias Leuker [de] (Dean of Studies)

Dr. Monique Nagel-Angermann [de] (degree programme coordinator; contact partner for course scheduling conflicts)

Institute of Egyptology and Coptology
Prof. Dr. Angelika Lohwasser [de] (Administrative Director)

Institute of Linguistics
Prof. Dr. Dejan Matić [de] (Administrative Director)

Institute for Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Middle Eastern Archaeology
Prof. Dr. Kristin Kleber [de] (Administrative Director)

Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bauer [de] (Administrative Director)

English Department
Prof. Dr. Silvia Schultermandl [en] (Administrative Director)

Institute of German Language and Literature
Prof. Dr. Silvia Reuvekamp [de] (Administrative Director)

Institute of Dutch Philology
Ms. Lisa Mensing [de] (Deputy Programme Coordinator)

Institute of Nordic Philology
Academic programme advisor [de]

Department of Romance Studies
Prof. Dr. Tobias Leuker [de]  (Administrative Director)
Student Complaints Office [de]

Institute of Sinology and East Asian Studies
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Emmerich (Administrative Director)

Institute of Slavic Studies
Prof. Dr. Irina Wutsdorff [de] (Administrative Director)

Institute for Jewish Studies
Prof. Dr. Katrin Kogman-Appel [de] (Administrative Director)


FB 10: Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Student Complaints Office [de]

FB 11: Faculty of Physics

Prof. Dr. Tilmann Kuhn (Vice-Dean of Teaching and Student Affairs)

FB 12: Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy

Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy [de]

Departments of Chemistry and Food Chemistry
coordination of studies

Department of Pharmacy
Prof. Dr. Klaus Müller

FB 13: Faculty of Biology

Prof. Dr. Martin Bähler [de] (Dean of Studies)

FB 14: Faculty of Geosciences

Prof. Dr. Harald Hiesinger [de] (Vice-Dean of Teaching and Studies)

FB 15: University of Music

Ms. Barbara Plenge, M. A. (Dean of Studies)


Dr. Markus Wilp [de] (Administrative Director)