Research funding

Current funding information [de]

How do I go about securing funding for my research projects, conferences or staff? SAFIR provides up-to-date information on the latest funding opportunities for researchers.

Funding advice for researchers

SAFIR is the central office of the University of Münster responsible for helping researchers obtain funding for their own projects. SAFIR offers advice, information and support with grant writing.

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Transfers and patents

The Department of Research Affairs and the Innovation Office (AFO) can answer any questions you have regarding patents. We provide information and advice on legal regulations and funding opportunities, as well as inventor consultation sessions.


Good scientific practice

On 7 January 2002 the University of Münster adopted the "Rules of Good Scientific Practice" on the basis of a Senate resolution. This code of ethics obligates researchers at the University to observe the fundamental principles of academic honesty and fairness.

In addition to the sources provided above, researchers of the University of Münster can find further information and services in the MwWWU portal for University staff:

MyWWU for University staff
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